08 Feb 08 - Chinese New Year BBQ Party

My boss decided to stop working for a day and do something different this year, such as, a Home BBQ Party.
After 2 weeks of preparations, the plans are set.
Of course, it'll not be only a party within the working colleagues but my boss shall also invite his relatives to the party.

And so it was 7th Feb, after rendezvouzing, we head straight to the 'party' area.

It was about an hour or 2 before we started setting up the BBQ, preparing to grill the foods.

My boss who's grilling the BBQ.

Still in the process of sharpening our grilling skill.

Well talk about food, while waiting for the preparations to be completed, I was able to tour around my boss's 'new' house.

Here are some interesting views from different angles of the compound.

Enough of Garden views. Here is what really made me feel that this place is similar to a perfection resort of some sort.

The 2 buildings were seperated from each other by a 'river' like pond, and a wooden bridge was established in order for the people to pass. Though, what sends chill to my spine is the depth of the pond. I suppose, it can drown almost anyone if you're drunk.

The stone like thing is obviously a waterfall device. (There's a valve or the like somewhere in the area, which is hidden underneath the woods that you stepped, unless you have a good observation skill, it's almost impossible to notice the secret hole.)

Having seen these secret made me feel like being in a secret hide out.

There's a full HD TV to relax your mind, complete with the surround speakers to maximize your movie experience. We were watching "I Am Legend" before the guest arrived.. I should watch it once I had the time to.

I arrived around 10am, and it wasnt before 1pm before most of the boss's relatives arrived.
Plenty of time to take a pic of boss's son.

Obviously, he was confused, but it does remind me of the "Tu Lan" expression Sia had taken sometimes ago.

So talk about party.
How can there be a party when there's no people?

At around 2pm, all the chairs are set, the foods are ready, the beverage are complete!

I did sneak out of the party and isolate myself to take a nap, but it wasnt a successful attempt.
I thought I wanted an early rest at home, but it wasnt lesser than 5pm before I went back home.

So, look at the pic my boss took. :D Think we can open a BBQ Business now?

Happy Chinese New Year and wish you a prosperous years ahead!


MikeM said…
happy new yr & gong xi fa cai...

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