08 Feb 17 - Chinese New Year (Final)

Even though Chinese New Year starts from the 7th, it doesnt mean that the celebration would end that fast in Had Yai.

The celebration goes all the way from 7th until the 16th here.

Here are some picture of the celebration in the Central area.

As usual, the celebration is held around the famous hotel of Lee Garden.

Also famous for the makan-makan business.

Randomly taking photograph.

It's waging it's tail happily, I wonder...

Upon searching why it happily wages its tail, I spot this..

Forgetting the dog business, I toured around and there are place for you to spread your love for the King. There's a yellow cloth below for the citizens and tourists to write their wishes down.

Here's several photo of what's going on in the area:

Fruit Cocktail anyone?

Or you prefer the simpler "Char Kueh Tiaw"?

Even satay and BBQs.

And finally, isnt it nice to finish your dinner with some sweet snack?

Of course, not only food are served in the celebration area, but there's also several gift shops including :

We know Valentine was just over, but wouldnt you still like to spread the love?

Or would you prefer some nice collection of a handmade products?

Last but not least, many, came here primarily to pray, thus, the government decided to place an altar right in the middle of the area.

The celebration are held in 2 areas in Had Yai, in the heart of the city and in the 'Chinese Area'.
According to what I recall, the celebration is much, much larger if you went to the 'Chinese Area' where the Sieng Teng Temple is located.

There's 'walking on fire' and the like being held in there.

But since the events usually is held at around 8pm, it's unfortunate that I wouldnt be able to participate as work wouldnt allow me to sleep late.

I hope you enjoyed your celebrations, Happy Valentine!


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