30 Dec 07 - X-mas Dinner

Just a short entry, as I've been heavily attacked by fever, and having exposed myself to our pharmacy's huge fan everyday is stopping me from recovering.

My boss had a wierd idea of going out for a dinner at the 24th Dec.
Daily life has been tiring enough and even though I dont feel like going, it might be good to participate in a once-per-year event.

So basically, we went to this restaurant that has a buffet system up.
You pick what you want, then choose either to steam or cook them.

You can even swallow it whole like what our grand master did, but according to the rumor, he end up visiting the toilet repeatedly.

We went right to the restaurant after a simple preparation.
The restaurant was located outside the central area, but the environment was clean. A very good place for a dinner.

We arrived around 7.30pm, the perfect time for a dinner, and the restaurant full of customers.

It's noticeable that most customers are working adults who either held a party here or celebrate Christmas with their co-workers as well.

This is probably the first time I was able to take a picture of our food, although it was a bit too late.

Featuring my boss on the left, and my co-worker on the right.

There's first time to everything, and I express my sincerest gratitude to my boss for the treat!


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