07 Dec 22 - Congrats to Wanna and Charinwid


After a long chaotic political struggle, Thailand will finally have it's first Official Election tomorrow.
Having been in a "military government" ever since the coup led by Sonthik Bunyaratkarin,
every Thai citizen are looking forward to the election.
As for me, I dont really care who became the government, all I hope for is for the country
to be improved, from mediocrity, and for the 'Stock Exchange of Thailand' to rise.


And so after another day of work, my Mom informed me that there's this personal invitation from her friend.

It reads something like "We're happy to announce the wedding of Ms. Wanna and Mr. Charinwid. The wedding will be held at (blah blah blah)."

The invitation was sent weeks before the actual event, however, as work was pretty tiring I tend to forget about it.

On the day of the event, I went back home a bit late, as there were things that 'forced' us to resume our duties. To my surprise, it was already 6.30pm, and the event started at 7pm.
Realizing that it will take quite a while for me to dress up, I rushes.

Maybe it was my fault for not asking to take an early leave, but even though I'm dissatisfied from the improper treatment at work (especially how they tend to accuse me for something I never do all the time), I still feel grateful to them for opening my eyes.

I remember Mr. Charinwid but the bride was totally out of the question.
Gotta admit that she looks graceful, unlike how she normally looks like.

We're guided to a table which is nearly at the last row as we arrived late. It was, good actually, to be able to sit beside this cute one and play with him. We get to know each other, and as my Mr. Charinwid is also a pharmacist, I met various of people from the Health sector. Some whom I knew, and some whom I dont.

It was a good opportunity to get to know the Hospital-Health sector, especially people from Diethelm and Zulig.

Although we're supposed to arrive at 7pm, the actual event started at 8pm, so we did not lose any of these beautiful sights.

These pictures are zoomed pictures as we're at the back row, as previously stated.

It was quite an event, and the food was great, but as I still feel insecure to take pictures of the food, I guess there'll be no food photos this time.

Scene of the groom asking the bride "Will you marry me?"
The reply was "Oh my God!! I thought you'll never ask me that!"

As usual in every weddings, the couple will throw their flowers backward, and those who recieved it is said to be the next in the list.

I dont think that I reached the age yet, nor have I completed any of my goals and targets, wedding is totally out of the question for me.

Congratulations to Mr. Charinwid and Ms. Wanna and I hope you'll both live happily ever after!

PS : The restaurant is "To Huat Restaurant" in Had Yai, located in the '30 meter road'. The food is great there !


Horny Ang Moh said…
Hallo! A bit different Thai wedding feast! Very informative! Any food pic???
Have a nice day & happy new year!
Seizhin said…
Sorry lar, no food pic.
I still feel pretty insecure at taking a pic of my food (Mainly coz I've never seen anyone do that here.)

Next time sure got!

In Thailand, whenever there's wedding party, there'll be lots of beers for drunkster to get drunk, everytime's also the same.
Horny Ang Moh said…
He! He! I take food pic at wedding! Everyone have to wait for me to take the pic first! Under food labels! Oh tq very much for ur vote! Tq tq!

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