07 Dec 09 : [Thailand] Father's Day

On the 5th December, Thai citizens celebrated their Father's Day according to King Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday.

Only the sixth of his 61-year reign-- Ten thousand people wore pink and yellow shirt with the "royal emblem" to show their loyalty to the king. They camped around the
Grand Palace in Bangkok where the King would made his public appearance from the balcony of his ceremonial Throne Hall.

"Whether soldiers or civilians, (we) must be united, like our legs that must be united - which means one goes forward and one pushes back before moving forward.This way, we could walk without falling. Without unity, the country will face disaster." (Taken from AP's official site.)

Although the actual birthday of the King was 5th December, King Bhumibol had started his birthday speech ever since 3rd December, expressing concern for the nation's unity and the chaotic political situation.

The celebration went on for several days. The true unity is reflected as the Buddhists, Christians, Catolics, Muslims and Hindus religious leaders attended and held ceremony according to their own belief to pray for the King's health.

At about
8pm, after waiting for the correct 'feng shui' timing, the sygnal was released for every Thai citizen throughout the kingdom, to lit the candle they held in their hand and sang "For Father", a song composed to celebrate the King's birthday.

The above pictures was taken from the BBC news.

The pictures bellow are the pictures of the fireworks in Bangkok.

It's a shame that I'm still unable to travel according to my own will. Hopefully, as I mature, my experience will blow my fears away to travel to anywhere I want.


JJ Jason said…
Looks so happening.
s.kuan said…
such a grand celebration!
Unknown said…
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