07 Dec 19 - Koyoti Caught?

The Stars did it again.

They claimed that a dam in Thailand broke due to Thai government's
bad management and causes Malaysia to be flooded. A complete
bullshit as the dam couldnt hold anymore rain water and spilled,
not 'pecah' as it was claimed by The Stars.

The Star, has been exaggerating whatever negative incident in Thailand,
including the 'suspicious bag' case in Had Yai. It's a shame how a famous
newspaper agency had to 'lie' to sell their news.

In Thailand's Motor Show Expo several days ago, one of the exhibitor hired a Koyoti to entertain the guest.

It is normal for Koyotis to go up the stage to dance.

However, this time, the Koyoti seem to overdid it by performing a 'sexual' dance on the stage.

This of course, instantly leads to the government's decision to 'ban' the particular company from entering the Motor Show again.

In the picture, the woman said that she did it because she was drunk.
Representative of the company claimed that the woman is not hired by them, and went up the stage as a 'guest'. It's a wonder why they did not stop the woman from performing her special dance while she was on stage.


Horny Ang Moh said…
Hallo! Well what do u expected? Who own the star??? BTW tq for dropping at my site! Have a nice day!

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