10 May 30 - Slipping into Time

It's been quite a while ever since I last blogged.

I've been pinned down to mainly onto our Pharmaceutical Company and Stock Researching.

Furthermore, we've recently jumped into Gift Shop Business, and we're still analyzing of further possibilities in the Hat Yai Market.

Even so, information and the already made assessment are needed.

Together with my partner, I had to enter the PSU to request for a few details, including a few data that they have, which are open to public.
The result was... rather disappointing, considering the authorities who received my Document did not hand it up to the higher management, she instead, tried to handle it on her own and... failed miserably, and gave us a rather useless information.

3 hours wasted in the University, and I'll have to rewrite the Document and hand it to the Head Management myself to prevent any problem such as this to occur.

During our way back...

There's always interesting to observe the environment, and naturally, things looks pretty good around the University.

It's been quite a while since I started our project. The result have been interesting, but it's still not enough.
The real actions are still far behind.

We'll have to continue moving forward. Dawn's near, but still far out of reach. Who knows when it's dusk..


Seizhin said…
Ehh, you're still better!!
Ehh,zhin you're happy on weeken!!
Seizhin said…
Thank you จ้าพี่ทิพ เหอะๆ มีอะไรดีๆ ก็โทรหาได้นะครับ

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