10 May 22 - Red Shirt Massacre

There's have been a huge protest against the Thai Government..

The protest holds the Symbol Color of the Red Shirts. And is also known as, the exiled ex-Prime Minister Thaksin's Shinawatra's Supporter.

These protesters demands the present government, Aphisit Vejajiwak to step down from being the Prime Minister.

The protest had been going only for a only few weeks... but nonetheless, numerous of chaos spreads.. These includes bombings in several areas in Bangkok. Who were responsible for the chaos is unknown..

A few days ago, there was an order from the Prime Minister Aphisit to resolve the protest, even by force... Soldiers were dispatched to completely clear all the areas from the Red Shirt protesters.. Even if it means, by force...

It was a counter measure after the Red Shirts had broken through various of Police Barricades to seize a few important Government Headquarters.

The Government, retaliates, by issuing curfew, and.... promising to "clean" the entire area, even by it means, using heavy weapons.

This causes a major damage not only to the Red Shirts, but also to the citizens around the area.

If you tried searching carefully, there's various of videos in youtube.com where Red Shirt's protesters are being shot by Military Snipers, killed instantly.

Most of Thai medias are under government control, any anti-government issues are to be "banned" and possible arrest are happening, but... most of the Thai citizens are blinded by the media control.

At the same time, no one can deny of the damage the Red Shirt causes... Burning Banks, the BOI, and disrupting the Stock Exchanges...

I come to wonder if I made the right decision in Thailand, or I should have at least considered investing Jakarta Board instead.


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