10 May 14 - Danger Sense the pain are born


Thai Government are dispersing the anti-government protest. Guns, Tanks, Missiles.. The Government even uses snipers to assassinate a protest leader. Using all capabilities at hand, they made sure that no news are spread...
Democratic huh?


Found this note I wrote, I wonder where I got it... Just for the sake of blogging, Imma write this down until I know who wrote this.

Clusine the than thou lest tempted,
Is the thought from honest gentlemen,
Morning of love and esteem at portage,
Quick danger plain the born sense,
Should the cheque say so "1 age",
Quick taps soon entered, enchanted on foot,
Such a fair unaimable alligiance,
The 1 agreeable band group,
Politeness at a solid aure,
At the quo of the spirit, druid and sage,
To your intelligence awe la debate,
Bless the clusine..


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