08 July 17 - When it comes to Floras..

As I've mentioned before, after almost spending half of my life with modern drugs, I've decided to sit for the course related to herbal doctorate.

Been almost a month since I last joined the class....
To my surprise, it's a LOT harder than modern drugs. I've no problem remembering about Dextromethorpan, Brompheniramines, Salbutamols and so on... but when it comes to these green things.

Behind our classroom, there's a garden of nature where wild floras exists, and to my surprise, most 2nd and 3rd year students knows what their names are and what they're used for.

Wild life Floras Garden

There are some interesting stuff here which I'd like to share with my readers, dotn ask what they're for though, but I'd be sure to post them up when I finally knows and remembered of what they are used for.

After the class ended, we're supposed to memorize their taste, smells, accent, interior and exterior looks and so on.

Gah.. what are these used for again?
All I remember is that the leaves are used to cure ulcers.

With work and projects on my side, and now these serious class that I'm not familiar with, I had to manage my time carefully now.

Cheers guys!


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