08 July 04 - From Modern Pharmacist to Herbal Pharmacist

Right, most of you would be wondering why I'm not updating my blog now.

I've the pictures uploaded 2 days ago but I had urgent business which needs to be settled and I couldnt even get online to continue blogging yesterday.

I started working in the modern pharmaceutical business ever since 2 years ago.
Cant say that I'm getting sick of these Tylenol, Decolgen, Tiffy, or even Ventrolin or Dermovate Cream. I still enjoy devoting myself to the modern pharmaceutical business.

Having been well-educated in modern drugs, I've always wanted to expand my knowledge on other factors. Although I am interested in the traditional art of Chinese Medicines, I've never had the chance to attend the formal class for them.

Several months ago, a friend of mine had inspired me to attend a class similar to the traditional art of Chinese Medicines.
Once I had gathered a sufficient information on the course, I decided to attend the class after hesitating for my lack of time.

Since the course is directly related to the Thai's tradition, thus you have to follow the Thai Tradition, and all of it's procedures, including the "Wai Kru" or a ritual to express of your respect and thanks for your teacher.

So anyways, basically, you have to collect a certain number of flowers and grass and hands them to your teacher together with a 12 baht in an envelope.
Although I've graduated from various academies in Thailand, this is my first commitment to a Thai student-teacher culture, thus I'm not aware of what the flowers and grass are. (Thanks Sukwan for arranging the flowers for me.)

It was quite a crowd in the area, and trust me.. I'm surprised to know that these people are either qualified Herbal Pharmacist or qualified Doctor.

Anyways back home, I now have another 2 courses to learn about.

The pharmacist course contains 5 books, 3 for laws, 2 for the direct learning on herbs and their effect. They're pretty thick but contain various of interesting informations and knowledge.

Perhaps, it's time I start to fully commit myself to studies once again.

Should be updating myself more often, lots of new stuff going on, but too little time for leisures.



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