08 July 11 - Gift From Penang

Been weeks since I last updated.

I had myself occupied with works for almost all the time.

Anyways, this update would be to appreciate the gift from my friends who are kind enough to bring back something from Penang to me.

What's really in my interest are that some of them are manufactured near a school where I once studied in, the "Sekolah Sri Inai" in Penang.
Although I didnt spend much time in Penang, it was quite fun to be there and to be studying there with all friends.

How I miss Penang. Perhaps, I should to go for a vacation to Penang instead of Kuala Lumpur or Singapore late this year.
Just a thought though, let's see how things will be soon~


Anonymous said…
hi, i am jeff. here from penang. if you give me yr add n next time i go hatyai i get u the same. everytime i go hatyai, i buy the "cheng sim yew" and pagoda med/powder fr friends n relatives back home. perhaps can get it from your place next time.
Seizhin said…
Wow, I really appreciate that!

I work in the:

Rattana Pharmacy
Thanon Montri 1,
Tlad Thesaphal Nakhorn
Hat Yai

I've the Medicated Oil and Pagoda and other medicines at my disposal and perhaps I maybe able to dispatch them at a price that you're satisfied at sometime :)
Anonymous said…
any landmark around yr shop ?
that address is foreign to me.
is yr name gary ?
Seizhin said…
Our pharmacy is in the area of the Hat Yai Plaza famous to be the major shopping area for the tourists from various areas.

No, my name is 誠心 according to the description posted. :)

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