08 March 16 - Shutter

I've been a fan of horror movie and games, especially Fatal Frame.
There's a Thai movie called "The Shutter" and it was quite interesting, and I enjoyed it.

Just several minute earlier, while I was visiting photobucket.com, I noticed this:


Thus, I decided to submit a picture that I took from the other side.

I'm surprise how a Canon - IXUS 850 can take such a picture.
This picture is taken by me, it's not edited in anyway (except for watermark) and is not specially taken in anyway.

Again, I would appreciate all my friends and readers to post their opinion of what they see in the picture.


Anonymous said…
I see a face in the dark.
Anonymous said…
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Seizhin said…
I asked the question as my friend told me the same thing.

He saw a face, lower part of the face, around the mouth.

Yet from what me and my brother saw, it was a picture of a woman, I can see his clothes, but not his face.

Anyways, the picture is taken from the empty air reflecting the moon. :)

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