08 Mar 26 - Traffic Jam? Or just Royal Jam?

Unlike Bangkok, it's unusual for Hat Yai to be on the 'traffic jam' fever.
However, you gotta believe it.

Last week, a member of the Royal Family, was visiting a nearby college to present the students with their graduation certificate.

At the first day, I wasnt sure what was happening, but there was a major traffic jam when we was relocating some drug stocks from the pharmacy.

Now, at the 2nd day, another parade passed by, again, by the same Royal Family Member.
After waiting for 45minutes, finally the parade passed by, but as we're not allowed to take any picture (for security reason), there's nothing that I can say.

The real problem was on the 3rd day.

I was wondering why there was a 'traffic jam' again.
I decided to get down from the car, and looked around. After noticing that there are a numerous of police officers, and they have totally blocked the road. You can guess what's happening.

And so, another 45min gone again.

Now, just when I thought I was able to go home and arrived just an hour later than usual..
To my horror... The same group of policemen blocked the road once again.

Nothing can express my feelings on the time, and I can hear a repeated grumble from the people around.
Soon enough, another 30minutes passed by and I reached home about 2 hours later than usual.

I'm glad I'm not actually in Bangkok, heck, I'll just sleep in my car if multiple of the Royal Member passed by every now and then.

PS : On the 4th day, my boss told me that the road was blocked again, but as I did not want to repeat the same mistake, I took another path and was able to avoid the jam.

I wouldnt wonder why we love King Bhumiphol.
Our King actually concealed his identity and disguised himself as a normal citizen by driving some normal cars without blocking the road.

All I wish for, is for his health to remain great always.


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