Piano Sonata No.2 'Reminiscences of AIR' Score

I found the score for Tori no utai, but...............

It's so difficult..
Anyone interested and lazy can find it can email me for the full version which is in pdf file.
I'm too lazy to convert it to JPG, these 2 page will probably take months for me to learn.


Edit (09 Jan 11)
I've been receiving lots of emails requesting for the sheet.. I'd appreciate if readers would rather post it here so I can check up and carbon copies it to all who is indeed instead of doing it one by one.

Thanks for the interest.



Anonymous said…
can you send this to my email?
I've been looking for it forever!


send it here:
Seizhin said…
I've sent the score to you. :) Hopefully it'll be of a good use for you.

Anonymous said…
please send me the sheets


Anonymous said…
Hey, would you mind sending me the sheet music as well? My email is strakenlord@yahoo.com.

I'll upload the sheet music to a file hosting website and post a link back here when I get the sheets.

Thanks in advance.
Anonymous said…
Me too please


Thank you
Unknown said…
Can you please send the sheet music to me too


Thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
can you send the sheet to me please!!! Thanks alot!!!!


Anonymous said…
Can you send the sheet music to me also?


I would like to try this piece. ^_^
Anonymous said…
oh can you send this to iitsvy@yahoo.com ?

thanks !
Anonymous said…
I would appriciate it if you could send this to jubin94@sbcglobal.net

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
You can get the sheet music here
Anonymous said…
Hello, would really love it if you can send the sheets to


Thanks a million :)
Anonymous said…
Hello, I heard this song being played on youtube, and I fell in love with it! I would be so happy if you can send me the music sheets.

My email is : quiintessence@hotmail.com

Thank you so much!
Anonymous said…
Hello, I saw this song on YouTube and just loved it can u sent it to my email


thank you
NHK? said…
Hi, I saw the youtube video a while ago and finally stumble on it..whoa.

Could you send me the full version? (pretty please :)

My email is: nh.kyokai@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
pls send a copy to me too. thank you very much in advance

email: ptrskyline@yahoo.com

Anonymous said…
Hey! Could you send me a copy of this to me too? It'd be greatly appreciated =]

email: everybody.lies@live.ca
awpung said…
i'd also like a copy please... thanks in advance... i owe you...

it's miguelrk9@yahoo.com
Intara said…
can i have a copy of this please
this version is very beautiful

thank you in advance !!

email: saharadayoasis@hotmail.com
Unknown said…
me too please:

Anonymous said…
could you send this piece to me also , pls .... i finding it everywhere ... thank you in advance !!! =D
Anonymous said…
could send this masterpiece to me ? i'm finding is everywhere , pls . thank you in advance =D pls send them to this email :


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