Have you ever been to Bangkok ?

Not really a good day, the whole stock exchange markets drops after Dow Jones fell. SET, being one of them and I'm pretty sure some people are bankrupt by now. I feel lucky as my accessible port wasnt ready yet, or I would have lost thousands as well.

I've been in Bangkok for nearly 2 years, but I wasnt able to see Bangkok like this.

If you're interested to know about Bangkok, go here.
My boss's wife had sent me an email containing pictures of Bangkok and they look very nice. I hope you like them as well.

Not sure where this is, might be around Central, been 4 years ever since I left Bangkok for Had Yai.

Again, I really have no idea where thsi is, kinda looks like a sky train for some reason, but with the flashy lights, this doesnt look like Bangkok at all.

Though I've never been there, this is the Suwanaboom airport for sure, Thailand's pride and joy. (No mentioning about corruptions please)

Looks like the same area as the 1st pic, it's taken from a different angle.

Really no idea where this is as well.

Bangkok looks a lot more beautiful than how it was 4 years ago. Maybe I should really take my time to visit Bangkok as well when I'm free. The old Bangkok I live had no flashy lights like this, and gray walls can be seen everywhere, not yellow lights.

Talking about 4 years here and there made me feel old heh.

Enjoy, and be sure to visit Had Yai and Bangkok if you have the time to.


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