Back after 2 months of problem.

Finally back after 2 months without internet.
It feels wierd to be back to internet, I dont think I will have problem without internet if I'm with my sisters and family though.

Graphic looks broken and there are lines here and there. Followed with complete black whenever I switched on the CPU after that.

Took the CPU to repair and they changed the warrantied Mainboard.
Time taken to change the mainboard : 7 days.

After taking it back home, another problem happened, the screen was still acting up and graphic's broken.
At first I thought it was my Samsung LCD's Monitor that was acting up so I took it to the Samsung HQ as there's warranty. But then when I took it home after a month of waiting, the same problem still occurs.
Time taken to Fix the Monitor : 30 days.

I thought there was some problem with it, so I took the Monitor together with my CPU with it.
Luckily, I told them to check for the graphic card and they found the problem.

Been waiting for a month, and I called them 2 days ago. The reply I get was, "Oh we recieved the new Graphic Card but we had to re-send it to Bangkok because the same problem still occurs, the screen's fine when we changed to a new graphic card."

Got really pissed so I just bought a better Graphic Card and a faster RAM plus a UPS, believing that one reason that messes up my entire Mainboard was due to blackout that often happen here.
Time taken to decide to buy a new graphic card : 30 days.

Well, there's lots of stuff I wanna do, but at the same time, there are things that I should do.
One of them is designing my blog.
7pm so far, off I go to check about new Gosurori costumes~~~~~


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