Thailand Citizen in the Thai-Malay border.

There was a mob made by Muslim Students ever since a week ago.

A Muslim woman was raped several days ago, and soldiers were rumored to have shot some Muslims in the area.

Now, now, what we, people of other region has been getting is that the people who raped and shot the Muslims and citizens of the areas are the terrorist who disguised themselves as the soldiers. I never understand why the citizens are mobbing here and there, over 2,000 people everyday.

Daily killing still going on, people cant live in peace, kids cant go to school because one by one, their school are being burn. Yet the people in the 3 States below still thing that everything that was done are the action of the soldiers ?

For God's sake, I dont really care if daily killing happens in somewhere far from here, but what is happening in there is directly affecting here. A week ago, there was just 7 spot bombs and it was confirmed to be terrorist's work, and the creator of the bomb has been arrested!

It really pisses me when the citizens starts mobbing and forces the soldiers to pull out their forces out of the states. Do you citizens really think that the soldiers wanna be there so much ?
They miss their home, they miss their food, they miss their people, they miss their families.

How I wish people would start using their brains and know who their real enemies are, 3 years ago, everything was peaceful.

Maybe I need to start to really consider to immigrate.


jAmEs said…
Trust me, migration or running away is not the best solution.

Face the fact and let the leaders of the country work out a way to deal with it.

Neway, it's a really touching post. keep it up .. will be back for more.

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