How To Travel To Had Yai

Yesterday night, I heard that the mob has subsided after an hour of negotiations with the mayor. The news did said that the "Global Islamic Student" organization (which consist of Islamic Students, and has around 2,000 members) had mobbed a Yala Mosque.

Their request was :
- All Military Units must pull out from the area.

- Investigation must be made for all cases about Soldiers who raped a Muslim localist and kill her, Soldiers who raped a Muslim localist until she's pregnant (The woman was abnormal according to the news though), and Soldiers who shot Muslims.

What I heard from the news was terrorist who disguised as Soldiers were the one who did all of those above, but the localist refuses to believe those.

The mob consist of men, women and kids. Women and kids were set as the vanguard, or the human barricade, while men were sitting behind and they seems to be giving orders.

There was several cases that Female Privates found that some of those women were actually "men" in disguise, but the capture attempt was a failure due to obvious reasons, localist.

Another source said that the localist are paid 150 baht per day to do the mobbing.

(Roughly 4 USD or RM 15 or 7 Singapore Dollar. )

I wish someone would shout at them and said, "You cant even take care of you city, you localist are dying 1 by 1 everyday, you cant live in peace, and you WERE the one requesting for help."

The red Huge "X" indicates area that had human barricade mob and outsiders (People who arent localist) cant enter the area.

Anyways, travelers from Malaysia or Singapore MUST enter Thailand from Sadao - Padang Besar Border if you wish to travel to Had Yai. The other road, is totally, blocked off by the barricade and you can only enter the city, which is totally in Chaos, so I dont suggest travellers to try to travel to Had Yai from the area.
All I can say is, Had Yai is still quite fine now, and there's heavy securities, but not up to the point where you can see tanks around the city.

It's sad how a Thai cannot enter a to an area in their own country.


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