Press Herald's Barney Frank calling Thai people to arm? Rubbish!

"Dear Herald Press,

I think you should redo this article:

Mr. Barney Frank has entirely no idea what is going on in Thailand.
The coup was what 70-80% of Thai citizen happy about.

We faces half a year traffic jam in Bangkok due to anti-government protest. We faces another government supporter protest killing innocent citizens who disagree with what the government do. We faces corruption, making the Kingdom poorer, and we faces economical disturbance and dominance due to corruption.

The coup stopped all of this, put halt to all kind of protest.

Most of Thais ARE happy with the coup, even those who were neutral and have nothing to do with politics. Why? The protest are making things bad, the coup bring peace to us.

We trust the coup will return freedom of election to us soon, after they "cleaned" all the mess both sides made, so please, stop giving false information or fake accusation. Mr. Barney Frank knows absolutely nothing of what is going on in Thailand.

If you really think that the coup is communist, or dictator, there would be a big unrest similar to Syria by now.

So again, please stop with your false news, and get your facts right."


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