Peter Hartcher knows nothing about Thailand and democracy.

I recently rad an article written by Peter Hartcher, an Australian journalist.

As an expat here for 10 years, I say that this is bullshit.

"Since 2001, the people have chosen their rulers decisively. In six consecutive elections, they have voted for the party of Thaksin Shinawatra or his allies."

Didnt Hartcher know that election result does not absolutely reflect what majority wants?
It's been so well known that the election in Thailand is full of fraud. Some areas extra voters exist, dead people's name was authorized to vote. Other areas, the voters name was deleted. In most areas, where senators made speech, money are given to those who came.

There are so many other biased opinion which Peter Hartcher expresses, such as Yingluck's corruption.
Under Yingluck's government, she bought rice for more than what market price was, and had set up a few scheme to have her allies "earn" more money from the purchased rice.
In the end? Thailand lost 200 billion baht in the process on he rice scheme. It was so obvious to those living in Thais what happened.

I do know that as a journalist, you have to know what you write before posting or announcing to public. His article received so many negative comment that he had to close the comment box.

Bullshit, Peter Hartcher is another crooked journalist who cant even truthfully write an article.


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