Sean Hyman's presentation is BS

Received a Linked news Sean Hyman will teach you how to invest in stock market by using Biblical teachings. Interested, I listened his presentation.

News way of promoting Christianity to "sell" his newsletter.

I actually like the idea of using Biblical content for investment, but after listening to hist presentation, it's just load of remark of how good he is in turning $15,000 into $50,000. (He repeats this every 2-3 minutes, throughout for almost an hour.)

Listened to the whole presentation, trying to catch what he's trying to "teach", but he's not teaching anything. He's "selling" his ultimate newsletter. There's almost nothing about Bible, except a few pick up lines from the Bible.

The initial fee is very cheap though, $49 for one year subscription including various books as free gift. Yes, very tempting.

I decided to google some review, and found as follows:

If Hyman is really an expert, he should have been able to reach the standard of top investors, but seemingly, he isnt. Why would he even promote himself of the same thing over and over if he's truly an expert? Because he isnt.

Avoid Sean Human Ultimate Investment Guide at all cost!


Anonymous said…
Agree, almost an hour of utter rubbish. Nothing to do with the Bible except a couple of quotes which he misinterpreted. What a loser.

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