Bidzen Scam!

My comment to BidZen:

Curious, have anyone won anything other than the "bid" packs?

I easily won Bid packs, in fact, I won 6 in 2 days and I had over 700 bids.

I spent more than $200 SGD over the 700 bid packs in 2 days and tried hard to use them for iPhone, iPad, etc. When I lost, I realized that I have to get something "not in demand" such as Slendertone (previous sold at $0.02) but even though no one was "online", I could not even get a simple item such as Slendertone which was previously sold at $0.02 on the previous day!

This is suspicious because I feel like competing against bots with different names. The moment I stopped bidding, the timer will easily drop to 1 second. Yet everytime I bid, someone will re-bid before my timer reach 10.

I'm even more suspicious because the live feed reveals that only Erlene and Me was logged in in the previous 17 hours, yet there were too many bidders with different names here. I need an explanation of what's going on or I may have to make a Paypal dispute!


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