Bidzen Bots?

I easily won Bidpacks 5 times within 2 days, less than 25 hours. Yet I failed to bid for iPad, laptop, Luois bags, every time for the timer to reach 2 seconds before bidding, which I understand because the live feed said at least 5-6 people came online.

However, today, after noticing that the previous Slendertone was won at $0.02 price, I am eager to get my hands and win the bid on the next Slendertone and I was expecting easy win because no one was online.

Now I am bidding for Slendertone with the 450 bids I have and I still get intercepted by random bidders who seems to have never logged in during the previous 17 hours. Your live feed shows that only 2 people logged had logged in in the previous 17 hours, which are Erlene and me, Seizhin. I need explanation on what is going on? Why the last Slendertone which was sold in the previous 20 hours was sold at $0.02 (2 bidders) while the Slendertone I am bidding at the moment seems to be very "popular" even though your visitor count on the previous 1:30 hours only increased by 6. (which means, there were 6 visits) Who are these bidders who are online and why dont your Live Feed update their presence?


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