10 Apr 20 - Songkran Festival

It's an official Water Festival Songkran Festival.

Random water splashing in the Kingdom.

The entire town is out of control, you cant head out to work without getting wet. (unless you're in the car)

It's funny though, it's the first time ever since I moved to Thailand that I had the chance to be checking on how things is out there during Songkran.

Oh and another notable thing is...... There are more Malaysian/Singaporeans/Indonesians than Thais.

They're everywhere in the major spots, such as Lee Garden Hotel, Novotel Centara, Thung Sao, Tlaad Sod, etc. etc.

Except for all the popular tourism spots, the rest are filled with the locals.

Yeah, good thing no alcohol is included this year, a big ban was announced throughout the Kingdom.

Hopefully, something good will happen this year.

Happy Thai New Year. :)


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