10 Apr 11 - A few Tip to Phuket

It's been years ever since I took a trip out of the city. Feeling awkward as my I'm leaving my work just like that.

Phuket is a very nice city. Lots of interesting areas, however, it's more like a "farang" oriented area. Initial survey revealed that Phuket is never suited for manufacturing area.

Pharmaceutical itself is a Red Ocean business in here. One can just drown in the sea of debt, mainly from the rental or leasing fee.

It's actually a work trip to check on a few companies such as, Pum Pui Canned Fish, Sukko Spa, Batik Factory and a few other recreation area.

Departed on Wednesday by Bus.

We went into various of places before finally visiting the Sukko Spa and Resort. It's a very interested area. I really suggest all readers who are interested to visit Phuket for it's Spa and Recreation to visit the Sukko Spa.

There's also an hour visit to the famous temple there. It's rumored that, if you have the chance to visit the Temple, you'll return there again soon.

There's over a 1000 pictures of what our friends took, and I cant upload them all. I'll slowly post them up when the time's right.

A well-respected Manager of the Program. She made all the plans associated with our SME businesses. Highly-skilled and talented and is adored by all.

Heh, cheers there, gotta start doing my work.


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