10 Mar 14 - SET in the City Hat Yai

I was bugged by a few emails and SMSs from the TSI.

There's a Stock Market seminar held in Hat Yai today.

I've en errand to run in the afternoon, so regardless, I can only attend only the first half.


It's the 3rd time I attended a seminar in the Conference Room in PSU, not too bad I say.. They're still keeping things very organized.


At 10pm, the opening ceremony begin. It started with the Nora style Dance, famous in the Southern Thai region.


After the opening ceremony, by the Vice President of TSI and the Mayor of Songkhla, a 3 men interview was held. Basically, they leads to the simple conversation and their opinions on how the global recovery is.


The environment outside..


I met a few familiar faces, including 2 of my brokers and other investors.. Kao was here, sitting in the VIP seat, representing the RueSaeng Jhim Investment Inc.

There's also people from the bank, who's familiar with me.

Too bad I gotta leave early, according to Phong, he arrived in the afternoon and a few interested value stocks came into light.

Oh well..


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