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For once, I'm entering a contest held by Nuffnang. Due to my work, pharmaceutical research, and my studies, it's unlikely for me to even have the time to participate in a blogging contest, but I'd like to participate to express my satisfaction and support toward the Nuffnang Team. I cant help but quote this again.. --- May Jubelius, the Creator, grace you! --


Chinese New Year's tomorrow... Valentine's Day is also tomorrow.. I suppose I cant help but to wonder how I should split my time... I have my Medical studies to catch up as well... Ah..

I'm sure by now must of us knows what an Internet Dating is. It reminds me to what I've done during my teen years. Regardless, recently the Internet Dating, or the so called e-dating had become a recent "boom" in Thailand.

As someone who had been busy with work for almost my entire lifetime, these Internet Dating sites somehow sounds 'absurd' to me... Though, the thought lasts only until I get to know how they operates.

Setting up a blind-date at a Mexican Restaurant is a good way to get things started:

However, things doesnt just stop there.. I've experienced a 60+ miscalls from an individual who wanted another 'date' with me, but a bulk texter is much worse..

An example of what a series of texts from this person might look like (Translated from Thai):

Text 1: Hey Shin!!
Text 2: wazzup?
Text 3: wut r u doin 2nite?
Text 4: we're going to sugar beat 2nite
Text 5: at 10
Text 6: its me, phloy and may
Text 7: r u comin?
Text 8: call me back
Text 9: byez
Text 10: lolz.

Annoyed... I texted him back this way:

Me: Please
Me: never
Me: text
Me: me
Me: this
Me: way
Me: again.
(1 minute pause)
Me: For "realz."

You know what.... Those really turns people off.. and you would never want to see the guy ever again!! Randomly looking for a "long" term relation means the chance are also random, it just comes to mind, if there's so much trouble to find the "right" one for a "long-term relation", why not just go for a long-term relation with LG Chocolate BL40?

The new LG Chocolate BL40, to make it short, is a smart phone with ultra-wide touchscreen. The LG New Chocolate BL40 is fairly elongated, but its profile is quite thin, which does make it look like a bar of chocolate. The phone, however, is not exactly compact and you will certainly feel it in your pocket all the time. Using the handset with one hand is not what we would call handy, due to the sheer size of the screen. Frankly, this is something we are willing to put up with, given the stunning beauty of the LG New Chocolate BL40.

I've never personally meddles with it, but if I keep getting lousy dates all the time... Expect to see me playing with my phone rather than talking to you while we're dating. I'll be sure to wield to every dates if I can get the LG Chocolate BL40 from the Nuffnangs. =P

Regardless, expect to find yourself satisfied for a "long" term relation with the LG Chocolate BL40, whether or not I'm getting one, surely it's gonna be interested to try it out.

Yep, enjoy the new LG Chocolate BL40, slimmer than ever.

LG, "Life's Good"


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