10 Feb 09 - New Entrepreneur Creation Hat Yai

I passed the interview for the NEC in Hat Yai.
Initially, the plan was for a registration in the Prince of Songkla University, but it's full..

So I had to take it to another university in Hat Yai.

It's my second visit to the University, and the environment differ than the one I'm familiar with.
Of course, it's pretty empty but still... I like the quiet environment.

Although not as impressive as the one in the Prince of Songkhla University, I really like the external design and the 'new' furniture.

There are 82 entrepreneurs who attended the course this year.

In the afternoon, there was extra activity for us all to get to know each other.
Surprised, I got to know lots of people from different sectors. Most came from either Technology or Tourism sectors, though, only 2 people came from the Healthcare and none from the Fund sector.

So much for the first day eh, I'm looking forward to the future classes.


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