09 Dec 31 - Tourists flock to join New Year festivities in Hat Yai


SONGKHLA, 31 December 2009 (NNT)

A large number of Thai and Foreign tourists have flocked to Hat Yai distrct in Songkhla province to join the New Year celebrations.

Thai and foreign tourists are heading to Hat Yai to make room reservations and shop at the markets and department stores in the city. A greater number of Thai tourists and Malaysians as well as Singaporeans have been coming to Hat Yai for the New Year and business in the city is becoming more lively as a result.

Ms Suwannee Kaewsinuan, a merchant in Si Kim Yong market, the famed shopping site in Hat Yai, said that commerce in the market usually was active but the period from early December seemed to be even more lively due to a high number of tourists joining the festivities. All stalls, both in and outside the market, were selling more. Most products sold were dry foods, instant foods and imported products from neighboring countries.

Taken from : NNT


On side note, I'm heading out for the countdown celebration even though I
'm so tired.. Will take some photo if I can (maybe)

Happy New Year 2010, say goodbye to 2009 and welcome to a new decade~

This is where everything will fade, slowly, but surely, everything will change within 2010.



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