09 Dec 20 - A Parcel from Amazon.com

About 5 days ago, I received a parcel from Amazon.com for my order.

There was 2 books that I was looking for, the first was Blink - recommended by Fritz a year ago, while the other is, the Alchemy of Finance by George Soros, who changes his position through backache.

Investment had never been so much fun ever since I could relate and anticipate where the fund flow are coming.

It's well packed, Amazon.com really does a good job here.

The books are brand new, so new that there were not even plastic cover on it. -_-

Finally, the book I've been looking for years~ The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros!

Even with all these books, I've hardly had the time to massive read and understand the books, in fact, I havent even rad the Alchemy of Finance. Work kills me to the point where I couldnt continue my Medical studies, and with all of the Malaysians coming into Hat Yai, there's almost no time for 'book reading.'

Gah, I need more time.. Someone needs to 'adopt' me maybe. xD


Trang P. said…
HAHAHAHA, i think u're too old to be adopted now :P
no more "studies"? wow, u must be swamped w/ work.
take care, bro!
Seizhin said…
Waiting for you to adopt me sis!! Haha, who wouldnt want a professor as a big sister? :D I'm sure you're gonna yell all day to get me to study.
Trang P. said…
How come everyone thinks i'm good at yelling? >.<
I'm not gonna b a professor anymore. I think I should go to law school. Maybe I'll be a law professor someday. :D j/k
sorry, bro, but I can't adopt u. My 2 younger siblings are already driving me crazy all the time. :(
Seizhin said…
haha, sure is fun though. At least you're not a biggie meanie sister haha!

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