09 June 18 - Green Life Lab and Creepy Road


Last Sunday, there was a talent search contest in Lee Garden, Hat Yai.
No pictures taken, I forgot my camera.

Anyways, it was crowded there. I did participate but arr, too bad for me haha.


Have been busy with work for almost the entire month, now that the customers are back to their own countries, it's much easier to keep up with my project.

Various of out-of-city trips were organized to visit our lab in Pattalung.
It was only a few hours drive, but the repeated visit made it a trouble sometime.

There's various of herbs nearby around the lab, but...
We've always raised the question of "Why are there even a lab built far from the main road?"

The path are narrow, and you have to cross through the swallow river by stepping on the small wood. Uhh, I pity our researchers who were on high heels and their short skirts.

None were complaining though, we have help from the officials taking care of the lab and they're providing us with the help we need.

The Lab itself is very high teched, and it's clean, but seriously... We hate to stay in there until night.

Just imagine walking through these kind of environment at night...
Creepy creepy hungry....

PS: Thai Stock fell regardless of the 400,000 million baht fund help from the government, 4 consecutive drops, wiping almost (-60) from the 630.

SET is today 570.43 -15.71 according to Settrade.com

More work to do...


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