09 June 03 - Party @ Daidomon

Erm.. Within the last month, I've been eating mangoes for almost everyday.
Mostly, it's due to the mango season though, where else can you find a 15 baht per kilogram of mangoes if it's not for Thailand?

At least I'm glad I'm living in Thailand.
I heard that a piece of watermelon is more than a thousand yen in Itabashi there, heh, poor Kact.

Anyways, about a month ago, the society was invited for a small celebration.

A little bit of arcading as well though..
I'd love to try it again once I fully passed my driving license heh.

Actually had an appointment with P Da in the PSU on that day, but since it's buffet, I cant leave for it'll indirectly disrespecting the payer..

Wasnt anything serious, so I guess nothing's wrong.

Cheer guys~


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