09 Feb 24 - Treatment of baldness and hair loss

There's a common question I always received from my guy friends who's losing their hairs.

One of them was a teenage at his early 20.
He noticed that he started losing more of his hairs as days passed, and after a week of observing the symptoms, he came to me, and that goes for a lot of people out there, whether men or women both have the same problem.

The most common hair loss problem is the alopecia androgenetica, which is the Male Pattern Baldness.

Be it from heredecy or not, you'll start losing your hair for an unknown reason.
As for the pattern of the hair loss, it'll usually go like this:

The event happened due to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (Full name: 5α-Dihydrotestosterone, abbreviating to 5α-DHT. This DHT is the main cause for the Male Pattern Baldness.
Recovering from the Male Pattern Baldness is not entirely impossible, but requires a long-term treatment, and a very careful advise from your physician.

For a modern-based treatment, there are 2 common prescribed drugs with a difference treatment method:

Regaine (Minoxidil) - In short, Minoxidil stimulates the cells and promotes hair regrowth. If taken orally, it might promotes hair growth on every part of the body. Thus topical solution is often recommended.
Propecia (Finasteride) - Finasteride directly reduces DHT, which is the main cause of Male Pattern Baldness.

It's generally up to the patient and the physician to decide which method of treatment is best, please contact your nearest doctor for further information. :)

If you feel like ordering it online, please consider of using our service as we provide both original and generic products at a low cost than your local pharmacy. You can email me directly to negotiate the price.

Cheers and wish you the best. :)


Anonymous said…
This is really informative blog on hair loss. I have got a great information. Propecia and Lipobind are really great treatment for hair loss problem. Both the medicines are FDA approved. There is one more medicine called Minoxidil, very effective for hair loss treatment.
Hair loss problem can be resolved with the medicines.
Anonymous said…
Hair loss is really a embarrassing situation for many people. This problem starts in early 20's of age especially in males. Reason behind this problem can be family history or may be stressed life which we live today.
Regaine is a very good solution for the treatment for hair loss problem. It consists an ingredients called minoxidil which helps in controlling the hair loss problem.

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