09 Feb 09 - Not a Lesbian party


I'm not in the US, but can our readers from the United States tells me whether this is true?

Orion Telescopes tells us that the US Flag on the moon are made in China..


(I hate to rip off my private life here, so enjoy while I do.)

To celebrate the clearance of the ทพ. 1 (Tor Phor 1) in use for the commercial registration of the Oriental Pharma.
For a few times, it's either Kiss Channel or Ice Bar together with the old group.

Though most of the time for those who knows better, I'd be at สุธีร์คอร์ท (Suthi Court, Hat Yai) for some drinks. (minus liquors)

I dont drink and that doesnt upset me at all!!

If my face isnt red, proves that you can enjoy even without drinking any alcohols.

It's not a normal party when all of the participants are freshmen Bachelor Geeks from the medical areas.

It wouldnt be a very special night if Emmy and Nat doesnt perform a 'special event.'

Some of us were able to take the special shot.
Drunk or not, they do remember what happened.

Care to switch place? Better dont start hoping, they're taken.

It'll take quite a while again before I'll go clubbing again, getting back home early at 11.30pm wasnt all that fun, but just witnessing the kissing is enough to make my day.

Back to work at 7am tomorrow as usual, cant wait till everything is set!!


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