09 Jan 11 - Tagged By Jas

In the previous entry by Jas - Tagged
I was tagged... maybe a month ago, anyways, I'll get it done now.

1) The person that tag/pass me this is?
- Secretive Jas

2) The relationship between him/her is?
- Getting-to-know-you-better

3) Your 5 impressions of him/her is?
- She's nice, full of secrets.. attracts more curios cats around.

4) Most memorable things he/she done for u?
- Tagging me..I guess..

5) Most memorable thing he/she said to u?
- "Uh, no idea :/. I sound like a bad friend D:" <--- Quoted from her original entry

6) If he/she becomes ur lover, things he/she has to improve on?
- Probably nothing, I like the way she is now, though I'd like to get to know her personally.

7) If he/she becomes ur enemy, u will?
- Enjoy it.

8) Wat is the thing u want to tell him/her now?
- "I'd like to get to know you personally." *Cough*

9) Your overall impression of him/her?
- She's interesting.

10) How do u think ppl around u think about u?
- Wise.

11) The character u love about urself?
- All of it.

12) On the contrary, the character u hate about urself?
- Exceptions for everything.

13) The most ideal person u want to be is?
- Me, myself, in what I am.

14) For ppl who cares n like u, say something to them
- Thanks for all the heartwarming supports, and please dont forget, we, the Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. care for the happiness of the people. :) - P.S. I love you guys and girls eh.

15) Pass this to 10 person that u want to know how they feel about u

1) Kact
2) Ardra
3) Phong
4) Nittik
5) Yui
6) Em
7) Shen
8) Chui Leng
9) Li
10) Thannawat

16) Who is no.6 (Em) having relationship with?
- Hm..

17) Is no.9 (Li) a female or male?
- Female! She's a dare devil, that's what I love of her.

18) If no.7 (Shen) and no.10 (Thannawat) be together, will it be a good thing?
- Arr... The world will break.

19) What is no.2 (Ardra) studying?
- Fashion Design, she's just too talented for it and that's what made her lovely.

20) When was the last time u chat with no.3 (Phong)?
- 10pm today, in the Dino Cafe.

21) Wat kind of music does no.8 (Chui Leng) like?
- She enjoys R&B, not much to my liking but she knows how to make me enjoys it.

22) Does no.1 (Kact) has siblings?
- The boss has none.

23) Will u woo no.3 (Phong)?
- Never...!!

24) How about no.7 (Shen)?
- Again.. The world breaks.

25) Is no.4 (Nittik) single?
- Yes, time to grab a piece of the nice guy girls!

26) Wat is the surname of no.5 (Yui)?
- Chalernkeaw.

27) Wat is the hobby of no.10 (Thannawait)?
- Coffees, sports and tea.. Those of what people in the 30s do.

28) Does no.5 (Yui) and no.9 (Li) get along well?
- Yup, seeing how Li gets along with people, it's no problem.

29) Where is no.2 (Ardra) studying at?
- In Jakarta.

30) Talk something about no.1(Kact).
- No word can express the boss.

31) Have u tried developing feelings for no. 8 (Chui Leng)?
- Tried? I've fell for her at the first sight when we're in Primary 4.

33) Where does no.9 (Li) stay?
- In Butterworth, Malaysia.

34) Does no.1 (Kact) have pets?
- Yeah, a cute doggie.. In which the boss took in after it licks him..

35) Is no.7(Shen) the sexiest person on earth?
- NO! It's the 3rd time the world is going to break!

36) Wat is no.1(Kact) doing now??
- Someone as carefree as the boss is probably sleeping by now.

Finally I done it.

Enjoy guys :)


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