09 Jan 10 - Another new Pharmacy in the community

It's closing in the Chinese New Year and we're cleaning the pharmacy.

We found termites at one spot of the pharmacy..

It wasnt a big problem at the moment, after we terminated them.
It does some minor damage to our products though.

On the evening, I headed to our new pharmacy that we had established together.
A few of us who graduated a few years before had moved to Bangkok to open their own pharmacy, some sticks around to provide their knowledge to the community by establishing Oriental Pharma Co., LTD.

Yui, a beauty talent had opened her own store as well in an effort to help us to distribute our products.

We've been trying hard to establish our corporation's Website but it was delayed under the Federal Law of the Thai Food and Drug Administration.

Thus, at the moment, this blog will serve as a website for an initial advance, but expect to see improvements from it until the FDA approves our official website.

It's managed by the 3 of us, so like wise, you can contact me as part of inquiry of our product anytime.

Product List
- Mega Lifescience's GLOW
- The laxative Slimming Herb Tea, one sachet a day
- Prescribed Analgesic by MSD, Arcoxia
- Or the brain nourishment product, Tanakan by IPSEN

Our blog covers up various drug genres, such as Vitamins, Analgesics, or Dietary Supplements.
You can expect improvements in our blog in the future. :)



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