Australian parent abandon surrogate child due to Downs Syndrome


 The Australian parents' action disgust me.

This news is out on TV3, Thailand's National TV is currently interviewing the surrogate mother.

-) The surrogate Mother is a 21 years old girl, with a husband and had a child before.

-) The male twin had water retention in his urinary gland, and infection in his stomach, along with a "hole" in his heart.

-) She is hired roughly 500,000 USD ($4,666 USD) for the twins, but is payed less than that due to one of the twin has "defect." The person who hired her is a surrogate agent, named Antonio.

-) The Australian parent DID visit the twin when they were born in the hospital. These Australians ages about 50s and they refuses the baby boy who had Downs Syndrome and instead, only adopts the baby girl who is normal. These Australian bastards visited the twin in the hospital but opt to only bought milk for the baby girl and completely abandon the baby boy.

-) The agency and hospitals knew that the male baby had Down's Syndrome and had insist only on taking the baby girl who is "normal." The hospital and agency even insisted the surrogate Mother to abort the "defect baby boy" on 7th months of pregnancy.

My question is, how DID the Australian parent took the baby out? It is illegal to take a Thai baby to another country, it is stated clearly by a lawyer that Thai Law do NOT allow sales of baby/body parts which involves commercial profit or money.

Really.. This is a par with the Mexican baby smuggler.


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