Thaiwebeasy - Slow delivery, bad service

Horrible service...

I pay up 100% upfront without any delay and was expecting the website to finish in, 2 weeks, according to their term.
It's been 2 months but the website is still not finished.

 My request was very clear, precise and direct, I gave them the exact website for them to copy their entire system, design, layout, etc. with a small change only. But what did I receive? A different format was presented, some non-functioning format. Almost none of the format I asked to make were not present. I have to tell them to make changes.

I have to repeatedly go and remind both the owner and the web designer of which area to change, to edit error. I requested 10 things which needs to be edited, they only changed 5 of it, I had to waste more time to remind them. It's seriously causing serious damage to my business.

Horrible, seriously, horrible... I hope this dont drag on to the 3rd month.


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