13 June 03 - Who would win in a Metal Gear Fight?

Found this funny, so I'm gonna answer it myself.

1. Steven Armstrong vs. MGS4 Raiden teamed up with MGS4 Vamp
A. Armstrong. (He pwned Sam, and Sam pwned Raiden. High frequency blade do no damage to Armstrong anyways. Vamp is bleh.. His improvised regeneration wouldnt do much against Armstrong who could demolish him to pieces.)

2. Steven Armstrong vs. Metal Gear REX piloted by Liquid
A. Armstrong.. Really tough one but seeing how Snake defeated Liquid's hind empty handed, I dont know how "good" Liquid is. Maybe if Armstrong is worn out, then.. I'dunno

3. Armstrong vs. Big Boss teamed up with Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, Ocelot, The Boss, EVA, and the cobra unit.
A. Big Boss will win. The Boss along should beat Armstrong no problem. These stealth guys utilizes stealth, techniques and patience. Team work, etc. whatever it's called. Armstrong fights head on which will be no match against the stealth team.

4. Big Boss, Solid Snake, and Ocelot vs. Metal Gear REX, Metal Gear RAY, and Peace Walker at the same time
A. The Snakes win with some problem.

5. MGR Raiden vs. 3 Vamps at the same time.
A. Raiden wins.. He cuts Vamps to pieces.

6. MGR Raiden vs. 200 mass produced RAY's from MGS2
A. Hmm....... 10-20 is something, but 200 is meh.. I think the RAYs wins.

7. Solid Snake with Armstrong's powers vs. MGR Raiden
A. Snake, nuff said... Stealth + IQ + technique + CQC + Nanomachines, son!!

8. Solid Snake vs. Armstrong (human, no powers) hand to hand only
A. Snake.. CQC should pawn Armstrong who plays college ball at some cushy Ivy league school.

9. Solid Snake w/ Armstrong's powers, vs. Armstrong and MGR Raiden at the same time,.
A: I still say Solid Snake wins.. "Stealth + IQ + technique + CQC + Nanomachines, son!!"


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