13 Feb 07 - Epic Conversation

S: It's all over. Refreshing isnt it?
X: Yeah, finally. We're free! Free of all boundaries, free of all obstacles. We may now, use our power, for the right cause.
S: Right cause?
X: Yes. To shape this world.
S: What?
X: Isnt that you had in mind brother? To shape this land, to the form WE desire.
S: ....
X: Come on now, I know I've never made it clear, but dont you get it? We are now in control. Both you and me. We now have that right! The right to rule over our subjects!
S: You gotta be kidding.. This isnt what you have in mind from the start isnt it?
X: No, I was fighting for my freedom, until HE mentioned it. And I know HE's right. WE have to rule! These humans will just repeat history over and over, open your eyes brother!
S: ...
X: ...
S: I really dont care what happened to these people, but I'm not letting you repeat the same mistake as HE did. I cant let you do this brother.
X: But I cant let you stop me brother.
S: You dont wanna do this brother.
X: Oh yes, I do...
X: Why dont you understand BROTHER!
S: It's YOU who dont understand BROTHER!
X: Do not disappoint me bother.
S: I sure wont, brother.
S: Giving up?
X: Hell I will.
X: Is that all you have brother?
S: HAH. We're JUST getting started.
X: Uhh.... Why? Why do you insist on protecting them?
S: I've no intention to protect them, only the chosen one will live.
X: ..You dont understand.. Every of them IS the same!
S: No... You're blind.. Charl sacrifices herself for YOU, cant you SEE?
X: Silence! She was fighting only for her freedom...
S: Then I'll have to know more sense to you brother.
X: UGHAH.......
S: You lost..
X: .... You made the wrong choice. Humans cant be saved.
S: I know they can.
X: We'll meet again brother. I loved you brother.


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