12 Sep 15 - It's time to let it go

I wonder how many times this will happen in life.
Was it due to the curse I placed upon myself?
How do I dispel the curse?

An entity of non-existence,
I do not wish to just materialize,
I wish to only exist within a special someone.

Am I really that dangerous?
I dont regret loving you.. You're one very sweet person.
It's too bad I cant be the one to take care of you.

So I offer you my last gift, the gift of "safety" that you spoke off.
I'll watch you from afar, keeping my distance, N' Fang.

Here a Goddess of happiness cries,
An endless timeless lullaby.
Sings her song of the dreams she had,
The sadness fills her eyes.

End of love, love is gone,
No more dreams to dream about so life, is done.
If it's so, cut the thread,
It's time to let it go....

Tears they flow to the thirst of the Gods,
The ocean roars drowned out by rain.
Blameless wolf carries on alone,
The silence now surrounds him.

Sooner than, dreaming ends,
Morning of the dawn will bring another day,
Turn around, you have found,
A different place to dream.


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