12 Jan 28 - Atheist teen who wants the world to adjust to her

A reply to:

Atheist teen forces school to remove prayer from wall after 49 years

Dear Mss Jessica Ahlquist,

I know you're still young, but I hope you would get your head fixed.

The school have the right to hang the prayer there. If you dont like it, if you feel that you dont belong there, you have no right to "force" your school to take it out.

It's easier for you to get out of the school and find another school that have your school take out the 49 years old prayer which have nothing but good wish. I rad the prayer and found that it's exactly what I want people to feel.

If Mss. Jessica Ahlquist does not believe in God, it's your choice, but you dont have the right to "force" your school to adjust to your believe.

Thank you.


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