11 Jan 09 - คดีอรชร เทพหัสดิน ณ อยุธยา(แพรวา)ชนคนตายไม่มีความคื่บหน้า

Last year, 29th December, an accident occurred where an underage (or 18) years old girl who were driving under the influence of alcohol crashes on a van full of passengers on a high way.

The girl were uninjured, however, van's passenger suffers heavy lost. 8 were instantly killed, roughly 3 flew from the high way to the bridge across, another 3 were trampled across the road, bleeding to death, while the other 2 died on the way to the hospital.

What is intrigued me is, the girl who is the primary cause of the accident, were busy updating her FaceBook, twitter and sending BlackBerry messages to her friends instead of assisting the injured.

Her message on her FB is as follows:

Translated: "Oh my, I just crashed my car on a van earlier. Dont know how many died, hahaha. It's so exciting, I'll upload the photo."

Part of her BlackBerry message was later revealed after the accident happened.

BB แพรวา : เซงเลย รถเราไปเฉี่ยวรถตู้ BB เพื่อน : ส่งภาพรถขึ้นfacebook เลย BB แพรวา : อัพไปแล้วภาพรถตู้ด้วย เหมือนในหนังเลยตัวเอง BB เพื่อน : แล้วแกเสร็จหรือยัง รีบมาหาหน่อย BB แพรวา : อีกแปปก็ไปแล้ว พ่อกำลังเคลียร์กับนักข่าวอยู่

BB Praewa: I'm so annoyed, I just crashed on a van.
BB Friend: Upload the picture to your FaceBook please

BB Praewa: Done, I uploaded the van's picture, it's like in the movie.

BB Friend: Are you done? Hurry to meet us up.

BB Praewa: A little while, my father is dealing with the press.

This Praewa is later revealed to be Oracha Thaephasadin Na Ayothaya, part of the elite and famous family who have deep involvement in the military and police ranks.

When the first aid came, dead bodies and the injured can be found around the area:

Instead of assisting the injured, she was standing there playing with her BlackBerry, abandoning the injured and the dead, showing no sign of surprise, shock, nor injury.

Weeks after the incident, there were no improvements nor updates on the topic.
However, private reporters and the family of the victim have not stopped gathering evidence to bring Praewa to justice!

Sadly, a brave reporter reported that the police had somehow changed the evidence during the crash. Praewa's car were changed, from the top to bottom.

As you can see, the damage was modified to make it that Praewa did not crash at the van, but instead, the van was at fault for turning too fast.

Praewa herself later revealed the picture of herself, badly injured while in an undisclosed hospital.

Praewa's Mother, went on tour to visit the victim's ceremony while telling everybody that her daughter too was badly injured, cut on her back down to her buttock.

Praewa's mother even begged for forgiveness to the victim's parents in the manner you see above.... Her cries can be heard across the room while lamenting that her daughter (Praewa, who got the 9 people killed) was also badly injured. Praewa's Mother gave the victim's family 20,000 baht (715 USD)


The latter picture of Praewa's condition contradicts evidence that she was playing and meddling with her BlackBerry 5 minutes after the accident.

The left side is her condition after the accident. The right is her condition 2 days after the accident... Hmm? Did you notice? She was NOT injured in the accident.

On the 4th January, the police had called her into the Police Station to interrogate her, yet again.. Praewa does not seem to be injured at all. She made blank expression and said "I'm sorry for what happened."

Soon after, she was released, not detained.

These are the list of her guilt:

-: Claim to be 16-17, underage to prevent major guilt.
-: Is driving under the influence of alcohol
-: The owner of the car she drove is subject to guilt as well.
-: Over speed driving.
-: Her parent's are subject guilty for NOT taking care of her daughter.

According to the law, Praewa is subject to be imprisoned for 10 years, however, since she's underage, she may NOT be imprisoned, and will only get warned.

Praewa's uncle, who is a high ranking military officer had told the press to STOP all news about Praewa. Praewa's father who is also a high ranking police officer too, had said the same.

2 days after both elites had said those word, Praewa's topic are no where to be seen....

This is Thailand, money and elite status prevents you from being jailed.
Amazing Thailand indeed!


SoleildeLamer said…
she might be "dead" inside her heart...
no one can be healed it but herself trying to make it right.

well, nice posting though. I read it the whole

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