10 Aug 12 - Work Trip to Langkawi


My eyes are naturally, dark brown, some even goes as far as commenting that it's dark red... Whether they are mocking me or not.... I wanted a lighter red, however, since I couldnt find any...

Never wore any lenses to be honest, since the procedure relied heavily on the hygiene of the user. I must analyze more before I started using these lenses.
Any advise appreciated.


2 Weeks ago, I had to travel to Langkawi for some work analysis.

I was informed a week prior to the trip and all preparations had to be done in a rush.

No clue how Langkawi is though... Personally, I'd even go to the extend that I'd prefer to be sent to Pulau Pinang instead. [Personal reason, yeah..]

So yeah, all I received was a phone call from a government agent inquiring of the time and date, and the information that I received from them is mainly where we'll be heading and who'll follow.
Those high ranking officials in the educational department were also present, such as Dr. Ekkachai who's the Head Educational Principal [MBA] of the Hoo Kar Khaa Thai.

Since this is government funded trip, all fees are paid by the Thai Government..... Which, as expected, fees are to be reduced to minimum... Instead of a flight, we had to travel by bus for a few hours, before crossing via Speed Boat.

I've no complain though, the environment's good, and we can do all we can, though I forgot to apply necessary sun block.. I should appear tanner now.. [Glutathione needed]

These 2 are also part of the Officials from the Department of External Commerce. They showed great cooperation and helps with all that we need.

We reaches Langkawi, and continues on Bus again to our hotel...

Welcome to Langkawi Grand Continental Hotel...
A friend and a few colleagues said that it's a 3 star hotel. The fee is approximately RM 150 per night (I think, cant remember.)

I dont really care about hotel rooms though, since I'm only there to sleep, would rather spend my time "outside" the hotel anyways.

The problem with this trip is, time's extremely short.

We reaches the Hotel at 7pm local time, but the appointment for the Diplomatic Talk is held at 7.30pm~~~ The primary problem is, there's no time for shopping~~

I did though, sneak out for 30 min walk and attended the dinner late..

Yep, refers to cross culture business..
There's quite a few Thai businessmen in Langkawi, although to be honest, Malaysia's business is quite, bad for cross culture. Bumiputras to hold at least 51%.. Even though I'd like to establish a business in Malaysia, the rules and regulation is aweful, better off heading to Vietnam or Myanmar.

The dinner talk ended late, instead of 9pm, it ended close to 10pm... Most of the officials, retired for bed...

Me, on the other hand......................

Spend the rest of the night until 2am outside~

Langkawi's extra unordinarily quiet pass 10pm... There's almost nothing except a few, Cap Jai shop and Roti Canai Hawkers... I'm somehow disappointed. Hat Yai's night life started at almost 11pm..

Maybe I was at a different location, but it's still disappointing...

Teh Tarik itself is... pretty bad compared to the one in Penang.. The Tea's not concentrated, and it's almost tasteless.. Sigh~ The Roti Canai's pretty good though..

I miss the time I spent in Penang.. Been, 8 years eh.. hehe~


Vicky 刘宁 said…
yeah, judging from the colour of the teh tarik, it seems to be odd abit if compare to the delicious one lo.. wou, never know roti canai can be done like that too! haha... I only know they always play it in the air and splash onto the table haha...
Seizhin said…
Yeah, they also play it and splash it, squash, squash, squash before frying it.

I like the roti canai, but the teh tarik was just... bleh, tasteless... disappointing x_x

Maybe you know any better place for teh tarik for my next trip~

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