2010 June 11 - World Cup


I've been so busy that I lack of time to blog.

Anyways, it's the World Cup festival. Since I was just back from watching with a few friends, I gotta say that it's the first soccer match that I watched this year.

2010 FIFA World Cup™: Latest Matches

South Africa1:1Mexico-Recap

Upcoming matches:
Uruguayvs.France-12 Jun 1:30am (Thailand Time)
South Koreavs.Greece-12 Jun 6:30pm (Thailand Time)
Argentinavs.Nigeria-12 Jun 9:00pm (Thailand Time)
Englandvs.United States-13 Jun 1:30am (Thailand Time)
Algeriavs.Slovenia-13 Jun 6:30pm (Thailand Time)
Serbiavs.Ghana-13 Jun 9:00pm (Thailand Time)
Germanyvs.Australia-14 Jun 1:30am (Thailand Time)

I'm looking forward for the England vs United State tomorrow. Oh my~ Gotta rearrange my timestable so I can head out somewhere.



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