Thursday, December 8, 2016

Soi Dogs in front of 7-11 in Thailand

For some reason it has been extremely hard to blog via mobile App, for some reason it keep crashing.

I'm here sharing picture of a common phenomena in Thailand. Stray dogs or commonly known as Soi Dogs (Street dogs in Thailand). Thailand the city to have the highest number 7-11 branches in the world.

It's common for foreigners to wonder why there are dogs on every 7-11 in Thailand, perhaps the breeze from the air-conditioner is what they are looking for!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Is Quora users being too sensitive?

Seems pretty odd to me that Quora users are obsessed with IQ and Intelligence as opposed to other discussion groups.

Sure I find that Quora is a good source of knowledge, but when everything is focused on IQ, where people putting their own IQ level at 130-140-150, things sure doesnt look good.

People show themselves off one way or another, and we sure do love thinking that they are smarter than you are.

As someone who uses Quora to read, I would rather avoid too much Quora. IQ is just too overrated.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Falling Ringgit MYR - How will it end up?

Current exchange rate of Ringgit is 1 MYR : 8.0 THB
At certain time on 11th Nov Ringgit fell as low as 7.6 THB : 1 MYR, lowest in 12 years.

We will see how the situation goes next week.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

น้ำส้ม โซมี่ขับ BMW ชนแล้วนั่งสมาธิ


เวลา 19:50 น. ร้อยเวรสน.ห้วยขวาง  เผยเหตุรถชนกัน7 คัน มีผู้บาดเจ็บหลายคน บนถ.รัชดาฯ ตรงข้ามเอสพลานาดเมื่อช่วงเย็นที่ผ่านมา  เบื้องต้นผู้ก่อเหตุเป็นหญิงวัย28 ปี ขับรถเก๋ง BMW สีขาว ตร.คุมตัวมาที่สน. ยังให้การวกวน  ถามตอบไม่รู้เรื่อง และเอาแต่นั่งสมาธิและสวดมนต์  จนท.กำลังติดต่อญาติให้มาที่สน. แล้ว 

ล่าสุดถึงโรงพักแล้วนางก็ยังพูดไม่รู้เรื่อง เอาแต่นั่งสมาธิ กังเกงหลุดก็ยังนั่งวมาธิ ไม่ให้ปากคำอะไรเลย

ตกลงคือ- น้ำส้มนี้เอง ทั้งรถ ทั้งรูปเปะเลย

Credit - Facebook ครับ

Friday, October 14, 2016

His Majesty King Phumiphon Adunyadet is finally resting

I still remember the time when I first arrived in Thailand. Completely oblivious to the situation. I do not know who the King was, that's back in the 2003.
I have been to Thailand several time even before that, and although I have seen his flag and photo, I paid no attention as we Indonesians has the photo of our President (Suharto) at the time every where.

Fast forward, after being here for a long time (10+ years), I slowly realized what good he had done for the country. Planning for natural defenses against disasters, planning for green energy, focusing on the well-being of the people, of course, there are other things which obstruct his plans such as people wanting power and those who tried to use his influence for their own right.

As an expat living in Thailand, I do regret not knowing who he was nor do I have the chance to meet him personally. His Highness is a great King.

Talented ever since early young age, he had done researches on many things that would later benefits the Thais. He became a Fatherly figure to most of Thais, and with all great respects, had contributed a lot to farming. He personally visited and stopped the opium production at the Northern Thailand Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Sod and Lampang. This causes significant chance in the area, no more opium production.

 He has grown very old, very ill over the long decades. His son and families were in a power struggle while the King himself tried maintaining balance and being "passive."
It's for the many reason why the Thais loves him deeply.

Those in political disadvantage and new generations never would realize how great he King was, they werent born in the era were things were bad. They wasnt born in the era where they had to struggle. New generations were born perfect, much, much better compared to 80 years ago, this is why the new generations had taken His Majesty for granted.

The West spread false propaganda that he holds the Kingdom's riches, where else that is false. Microsoft's overall value isnt Bill Gate's. Bershire Hathaway isnt entirely Buffett's, and so is Facebook does not equal to Mark Zuckerberg. His Highness's riches does not equal to his National Treasuries. His Highness himself is not a spendthrift. His people knows better, yet it's funny how the Western media and some of them thinks that they know best.

This is sad, but his legacy will crumble throughout the new generation. There are too many false propaganda from the West. There are people in Thailand who would like to seize power themselves, and whoever reign next would require great charm to preserve the country.

Seizhin expresses my deepest condolences.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rachakiri Resort and Spa - Khanom

We had a seminar held in the Nakorn Sri Thammarat, Southern part of Thailand.

You may either drive straight to the area through the GPS/map or fly to the nearest airport then uses the airport link inter exchange or van service to get to the Resort.

Khanom as you can see is still a natural resort and beach close to the sea, excellent service and spa center.

During our visit it was low season, but there still are visitors from UK and Japan.

Room is somehow old, TV is old, some buttons aren't working properly. The bathroom is quite comfortable though the hot water isn't working. The door lock wasn't working either, but we had a quick fix with the reception, although that took us 3 attempts to summon them to our room. 

The facilities in the hotel such as swimming pool, food and other things makes it not worth sleeping in the room. You're better off spending the day and night outside the room though. 

The foods are great, big prawns, big shrimp, nice salad, nice BBQ. The only downside is that the crabs (my favorite) isn't fresh at all. Seems to have been refrigerated for a few days. Other than that all the foods' great.

Night view is great, the breeze is great, definitely photogenic.

Lastly, the seminar room is a bit too crowded for 120 people, but everything else are good. No complain.

Cost: $200 USD+ per night 

My rating would be:

Service 7/10
The staff greets you almost all the time, friendly, the only problem is that it took multiple attempts to get them to fix my broken door lock.

Room 6/10
Not the best room I've seen. They're old, they're dusty, but the view's great. They have a DVD player but with a broken remote I don't know why they even bother putting it in. The view is a whooping wow though.

Food 9/10
They're great, variety of foods, Thai dishes, Western foods, Chinese sounds or sea foods. Great choice. Seeming like a quiet bar at night, meeting lots of new people.

Facilities 9/10
Great facilities including the natural view. Swimming pool, beach, gym, spa, etc. you won't have to think where to spend your time, they're simply too many things to do.

Overall 6.5/10
I definitely expect better room condition for a room that costs $200 USD per night. The food, the facilities makes up for the flaw, but the location and inconvenience getting here make me think twice of bringing my family.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Giving advise to new entrepreneurs

Thank you Srivichai Technology University for giving GreenTech Biolab the chance to me mentor for various businesses.

We gladly assist interested businesses in both funding and technologies to improve their product.