Saturday, December 29, 2012

12 Dec 29 - Old friend, old foe

I won by 88 - 51.5
Lol, I thought I was losing?!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Dec 26 - Where am I?

Christmas is over, but I'm wondering where I am now? What am I to do? What is my resolution?

Monday, December 3, 2012

12 Dec 01 - Lamborghini in Hat Yai

Motor Show expo in Hat Yai. Showing off the Lamborghini 36 Million baht or roughly 1.2 million USD.
I wonder if it,s bullet proof ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

12 Nov 24 - ชุมนุมเพื่อให้ประเทศล้มจม รัฐก็โง่ขล่าว

ในเมื่อจะชุมนุมก็ชุมนุมอย่างสงบไม่ได้หรอ? เขาให้ชุมนุมบริเวนหนึ่งก็ชุมนุมตรงนั่นก็พอ จะเดินปิดกั้นถนนอี่กหลายที่ทำไม? ประชาชนธรรมดา เดือดร้อน ลำบาก
พอเกิดการประทะก็มาด่าตำรวจว่า ทำร้ายประชาชน

ถ้าจะชุมนุมกรุณาชุมนุมอย่างสงบ ไม่เคลื่อนที่ไปไหนไม่ได้หรือ? ผู้ชุมนุมสร้างเงื่อนใข่ให้เกิดการประทะชัดๆ

ถ้าชุมนุมอย่างสงบแบบต่างประเทศ จะชุมนุมเป็นสิบๆปีก็ไม่มีใครด่าหรอก

ผู้ชุมนุมก็ชุมนุมเพื่ออะไร อย่ากให้ประเทสล้มจมอี่กหลายปี ไม่ต้องทำมาหากินกันหรอกหรือ ว่างมาก?

ใครๆก็รู้ว่ารัฐมันเลว แต่ทำไมต้องทำลายเศรษฐกิจของประเทศด้วย จะให้คนที่ตั้งใจทำมาหากินเดือดร้อนตาม? ควายแดง ควายเหลื่องเต็มบ้านเต็มเบื่อง ไม่น่าประเทศไทยถึงไม่เจริญ

12 Nov 24 - Rage

I feel as if I'm returning to the old me.
Rage, uncontrollable rage.

Anger, anger, grawr.....
I can't hold it back, something is igniting these anger.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

12 Nov 21 - Science and Technology

Science and its impact on Mother Nature. The society focuses too much on profit and organization without realizing that the Earth is exhausted. Soon there will be no more for us to consume. The resources will be depleted, and nothing will be left for us.
If we do not act now, if we do not change now, the Earth will soon insufficient for human to live.

-- Science, Technology & Society 315-201
Prince of Sonkhla University

Monday, November 19, 2012

12 Nov 19 - Lee Garden

Night life in Hat Yai keeps you awake all night. It's so much fun that Malaysian never fails to visit here.

PS: Been so in unsatisfied with life. I need something new, something that burns!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 Nov 14 - PSU New Library

The PSU new library is now open for public. Surprisingly the content is still lacking, probably due to the transfer.


Friday, November 9, 2012

12 Nov 09 - PSU Graduation Ceremony

Though not the actual day, the Prince of Songkla University are having big sparring practice for the graduation ceremony this Monday.
Bachelors and new graduates will soon leave the University for their career but only a few will succeed.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

12 Nov 08 - Microbial Biotechnology

The study of enzyme and various techniques for culture breeding. Although I am familiar with the basic methods, I've yet to experience the actual practice.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

12 Nov 07 - Life at PSU

PSU or Prince of Songkhla University is one of top 5 University in Thailand related to Science and Medical.

For the next 2 years, life in the Science Faculty will be mixed with my work as a pharmacist in the city nearby.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

12 Sep 15 - It's time to let it go

I wonder how many times this will happen in life.
Was it due to the curse I placed upon myself?
How do I dispel the curse?

An entity of non-existence,
I do not wish to just materialize,
I wish to only exist within a special someone.

Am I really that dangerous?
I dont regret loving you.. You're one very sweet person.
It's too bad I cant be the one to take care of you.

So I offer you my last gift, the gift of "safety" that you spoke off.
I'll watch you from afar, keeping my distance, N' Fang.

Here a Goddess of happiness cries,
An endless timeless lullaby.
Sings her song of the dreams she had,
The sadness fills her eyes.

End of love, love is gone,
No more dreams to dream about so life, is done.
If it's so, cut the thread,
It's time to let it go....

Tears they flow to the thirst of the Gods,
The ocean roars drowned out by rain.
Blameless wolf carries on alone,
The silence now surrounds him.

Sooner than, dreaming ends,
Morning of the dawn will bring another day,
Turn around, you have found,
A different place to dream.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

12 Sep 11 - Amazing Reply

Pretty depressed lately, due to those I called friends are somehow "faking" things out to rip something out of me, either money, knowledge or just when I'm useful to them.

When I'm useless, they just ignores me entirely.

I've observes the situation for quite a while and it's very obvious.

While browsing upon something that may help with my depression:

"1st, know you're not wrong. You are being brainwashed, but it isn't quite as intentional or sinister as you might think. Society creates a framework so that future generations can grow up and support that framework. It may sound awful to you, but if such a system weren't in place, there would be too many elements in society pulling in too many directions and it wouldn't grow. Most of this guiding force happens without the direct knowledge of the people doing it. Schools train kids to think a certain way, which helps them live in the society they are a part of. Many people prefer this system. Things are more certain, less scary. You merely have to follow the rules society sets, and you get rewarded by the system.
For you the bad news is that you are on the fringe. You are a small segment of society that does not want to be 'the masses.' Your path will a difficult one with many obstacles and people on the other side of the fence.
The good news for you is that there are and have been many others like you.
If you want to obtain a level of peace and understanding in the world, you need to do these things:
1. You need some objectivity. You are so immersed and involved with society, that it is hard to see anything else.
One way to do this is to realize that society is an invention of man. The earth is its own force separate from society. People lie cheat and position themselves with ulterior motives. Nature is brutally honest (and therefore pure and simple). A flood will kill you, but Nature never said it wouldn't. If it rains, you will get wet. There is a cause and effect that you can understand. Taunt a bear in the wild, you will die.
Now realize that as a human, you are as much a part of society (a thing created by man) as you are an animal in nature. See society as a thing with all these rules as an object, and nature with it's clear rules as another object. If you are frustrated by the object created by man, look to the one that exists in nature. Look at trees and birds, and realize that if you envy their simplicity, you have just as much right as an animal to live in that natural world. I am not saying to go live in a forest, but realize that a house is both a unit inside a society as it is a structure built on earth, surrounded by trees and air a part of nature. Which you choose to see it as is what you decide based on what object (nature or society) you view it.
Further naturalistic perspective: Think of the universe. All the great works of man on earth will burn up when the sun goes supernova, and the universe will not only never miss us, it will continue on as if our whole existence was a heart beat. Universal nature couldn't care less about Putin.

2. Because you choose not to be a 'productive' member of society, you need to find your own path. This means you need to be your own teacher (no other will do it for you). You need to read and learn so that you can find your own place and purpose in life. You need to embark on your search for self. You must become an open person, and fill yourself with as much as you can, and then use that to choose your own direction. Learn about things you may not think you will like. If you only adopt 1% of it, you will be a better person.

Do this by learning about psychology. (Find books or take a class) Do this! It is important for you to learn how your brain works and why it does what it does. Many of your actions are based in aspects of your psychology, and if you don't understand the underlying causes, you will always twist in the wind. You need to study this so that you can also understand why other people do what they do. You may be mad at people because they act in ways you don't like. Learn why they act these ways. Once you do, you will learn to separate the person (outward actions) from the collection of psychological impulses.
Read these books:
"Walden" by Henry David Thoreau: It will show you how to live as an individual.
"The Tao of Poo" by Benjamin Hoff: Will introduce you to Taoism (philosophy of living in harmony with nature and how it will change how you live with people)
"The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge" by Carlos Castaneda: It will expand your consciousness to something beyond yourself.
Read about Buddhism. They believe that the world is a lie (a fog), and only by rejecting that fake world do you come close to divinity.
Study Astronomy so you realize how small we are (and the problems we make for ourselves), and study Chaos Theory and quantum mechanics (Watch the DVD: What the Bleep do we Know) because you will find that there is 'magic' in this universe worth exploring.
3. Toil. You are a being of your mind, which is one small part of your body. To balance yourself out, you need to engage your body (not sex) as a part of this world. Whether that is exercise, gardening, sports, physical labor, you need to develop your body for no other reason that your body is how you interface with the world. Stimulus comes to you from the world through your body. You may not think it important, but the more brain heavy you are, the more isolated you are from the real world (not society), so get your hands dirty.
4. Learn how to live in both worlds. You live in a society, so you have to follow its rules sometimes. Find ways to play the game when you must, but live as a creature of nature the rest of the time.
5. Let this single word be your guide until you find your own:
See everything in your life as an adventure. The dark stuff is just an adventure into the dark realm of life. Dealing with classmates is an adventure into the inner workings of the social machine."

Well said. Whoever you are, I appreciate it. :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

12 Aug 10 - Kharma

Dear God,

Please forgive me for all the sins I've committed.
I mean harm to neither of us, nor do I intend to severe any relation we placed.

There's a void which I cannot fill,
No matter what I do, the sin will never be erased.
The curse I place upon myself itself is eternal,
Waiting for you to forgive the sin of my past.

I'm tormented,
Why did you give me these fake glimpse of hope every now and then,
Why couldnt you let me put down the pass behind,
For all I have now is torment.

Oh Lord, by your name I preach,
In your name I believe in,
With your name I walk with,
Please o' forgive me.

Let me go through this sphere.
Let me go..


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

12 Aug 01 - London's Olympic

Is it just me or I'm feeling that this Olympic is full of unfair play?


Eight women charged for "throwing" badminton matches

This is so wrong.

This comment is also wrong "The competition is not just about athletic prowess. It's also about whether you can use your wits."

What wits is this? Wits should be used in-game, not out game. During the match, you can use whatever wits you have, but when it goes out of "the match" then that's where it goes wrong, called "no spirit."

I think the pair wouldnt want to purposely lose, the coach must also be blamed for planning the "throw"

Yes, the people who suggested that they should be "throwing" the match is so wrong.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

12 June 02 - Virgin for 29 years?

Please read this article:

I dont understand. Why are people attacking her?
It's her decision to remain virgin, it's her choice, her problem. Why are the community and social people make such a fuss about it?
You dont need sex to live, it's just another aspect of life.

Religion or not that's not the point, it's just that she want to give it to only her special someone, which is admirable.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Apr 27 - Fired Up

I'm getting fired up.

Gonna restart the old project I buried years ago.

Give me the spirit, dont let this fire go away for nothing..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

24 Apr 2012 - Hello World!

I feel that I'll return to blogging very soon. :)

It's been a while.

I've been so lazy to work, and I may need activity to stimulate myself further.

Friday, March 30, 2012

12 Mar 30 - US soldier dies saving Afghan girl

Copyright for MSN News:

I'm touched by his righteous action. He may not be remembered, but I do hope the people around him will be proud of him. I wonder if the girl knows that the GI saves her.

US soldier dies saving Afghan girl

U.S. Army

Sgt. Dennis Weichel Jr., a Rhode Island Army National Guard infantryman mobilized with Company C, 1st Battalion, 143rd Infantry Regiment, sits inside a Black Hawk helicopter prior to a mission earlier in his deployment in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Dennis Weichel, 29, of the Rhode Island National Guard died saving the life of a little girl in northeast Afghanistan, according to the Rhode Island National Guard.

According to the report, Weichel was in a convoy in Laghman Province last week when he noticed some children were in the path of the moving vehicles. Weichel and other soldiers got out to move them out of the way.

According to the press release, while most of the children scattered away, one girl went back to the road, as a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle continued moving toward her.

Weichel saw the massive truck moving toward the girl and grabbed her out of the way, the National Guard said. The girl survived, but Weichel died after the armored vehicle ran over him.

The National Guard said Weichel's remains will be returned to Rhode Island on Saturday, according to the NBC Providence affiliate. The Army said Weichel leaves three children, a fiancee and his parents.

The circumstances of Weichel's death speak to his character, Staff Sgt. Ronald Corbett, who deployed with Weichel to Iraq in 2005, said in a U.S. Army press release.

"He would have done it for anybody," said Corbett. "That was the way he was. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was that type of guy."

Weichel was posthumously promoted to sergeant, according to the press release.

Corbett said Weichel was considered a fun-loving guy, but he was also a professional.

"When I first heard, I kept expecting him to jump up and say, 'Oh, I got you guys,'" said Corbett. "The last few days have hit me hard."

Friday, February 3, 2012

12 Feb 03 - In Memoir of Selya Angel

It's been 6 years...

I'm reposting what I post once, of a distant friend.

I been in RO for a year.
I met a 16 yrs old blood cancer girl.
Remember the sweetness of training.
It was happy to meet new net friends.
Selya Angel would disappear every few days...
Later on I found out Yin Yu Yuan had silently go through painful laser treatment.
The good friends would gather and have all the fun...
This song dedicate to Selya Angel in heaven. We glad to have her as a good friend. We wish her happiness, her smile will always smilie upon us.
On March her condition was critical and send to hospital for emengency.
Mid March we got news from her...
She had passed away!
We Sobbed and cry our heart out.
She passed away before her birthday but we fulfill her wish - a Crown.
Her sis using her character open a chatroom which said: "Sis, wish you can see this."
Selya Angel, we shall remember you in our heart.

I've also been struggling to found this foundation, so the pillar. Still so many things to do to stabilize the project's plan and continue building the foundation, together with the people, who shared the dream.

Thanks for all the support, and to everyone else.

Life is just more than being alone, friends, cherish them and your loved one while you have the chance to.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

12 Jan 28 - Atheist teen who wants the world to adjust to her

A reply to:

Atheist teen forces school to remove prayer from wall after 49 years

Dear Mss Jessica Ahlquist,

I know you're still young, but I hope you would get your head fixed.

The school have the right to hang the prayer there. If you dont like it, if you feel that you dont belong there, you have no right to "force" your school to take it out.

It's easier for you to get out of the school and find another school that have your school take out the 49 years old prayer which have nothing but good wish. I rad the prayer and found that it's exactly what I want people to feel.

If Mss. Jessica Ahlquist does not believe in God, it's your choice, but you dont have the right to "force" your school to adjust to your believe.

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

12 Jan 17 - Grateful

Thanks God for your blessing.

Perhaps this is one of the miracle that others were speaking about.

I'm starting to believe in faith.

13 Jan 17 - Down with SOPA

Life was almost ruined due to SOPA =P

Down with SOPA, someone knock the Senates off their chair!