Monday, February 22, 2010

10 Feb 22 - The End of A Saga, Begining of a New Era

I've been given a permanent leave starting today.


108 reasons were given yet none seem accurate, except for a simple 3 reasons:

- Feud between their heir and me.
- My external network with the Oriental Pharma Co., LTD.
- My license to set up a new pharmacy nearby, this might lead to decrease to their customers, however... opening a pharmacy and getting stuck to it for 30 years was never my intention.

I'm greatly surprised how the place where I once place my trust upon had such a thought.


My work started on September 2006 and ended today at February 2010. An exact calculator had noted that I've worked for a total of 1259 days.

Things had been surprisingly severed when they started restricting my effort to set up an external network with other colleagues.

It soon spread, and they started to show less and less sincerity.

They started applying more and more pressure, but never would I have thought of their villein attempt to have me resign on my own.


On 10am today, it was announced.

Regardless, I feel nothing.. Ever since a few major incidents, I can start to feel for their devious behavior. By then, I've unconsciously developed a natural anti-trust on them.

No names mentioned, but before of what and where you step in, you never know what you'll see.

At the same time, "Smile can kill" ya' know?

But no worry, I foresee this coming, thus why I've established a steady foundation for myself. Thanks to Phloy, P Tu, Nad, Phong and a few others who gave their condolences to me. The work itself was part of my life for over 3 years, and losing it wasnt a problem. To know and finally face reality that the owner of the area was insincere, now, that's the problem.

For all of you out there, dont forget to treat your subordinates just the way you want them to treat you. Respect them, and they'll respect you. Look down to them, and they'll look down on you.

We're all the same.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why I like it Longer


For once, I'm entering a contest held by Nuffnang. Due to my work, pharmaceutical research, and my studies, it's unlikely for me to even have the time to participate in a blogging contest, but I'd like to participate to express my satisfaction and support toward the Nuffnang Team. I cant help but quote this again.. --- May Jubelius, the Creator, grace you! --


Chinese New Year's tomorrow... Valentine's Day is also tomorrow.. I suppose I cant help but to wonder how I should split my time... I have my Medical studies to catch up as well... Ah..

I'm sure by now must of us knows what an Internet Dating is. It reminds me to what I've done during my teen years. Regardless, recently the Internet Dating, or the so called e-dating had become a recent "boom" in Thailand.

As someone who had been busy with work for almost my entire lifetime, these Internet Dating sites somehow sounds 'absurd' to me... Though, the thought lasts only until I get to know how they operates.

Setting up a blind-date at a Mexican Restaurant is a good way to get things started:

However, things doesnt just stop there.. I've experienced a 60+ miscalls from an individual who wanted another 'date' with me, but a bulk texter is much worse..

An example of what a series of texts from this person might look like (Translated from Thai):

Text 1: Hey Shin!!
Text 2: wazzup?
Text 3: wut r u doin 2nite?
Text 4: we're going to sugar beat 2nite
Text 5: at 10
Text 6: its me, phloy and may
Text 7: r u comin?
Text 8: call me back
Text 9: byez
Text 10: lolz.

Annoyed... I texted him back this way:

Me: Please
Me: never
Me: text
Me: me
Me: this
Me: way
Me: again.
(1 minute pause)
Me: For "realz."

You know what.... Those really turns people off.. and you would never want to see the guy ever again!! Randomly looking for a "long" term relation means the chance are also random, it just comes to mind, if there's so much trouble to find the "right" one for a "long-term relation", why not just go for a long-term relation with LG Chocolate BL40?

The new LG Chocolate BL40, to make it short, is a smart phone with ultra-wide touchscreen. The LG New Chocolate BL40 is fairly elongated, but its profile is quite thin, which does make it look like a bar of chocolate. The phone, however, is not exactly compact and you will certainly feel it in your pocket all the time. Using the handset with one hand is not what we would call handy, due to the sheer size of the screen. Frankly, this is something we are willing to put up with, given the stunning beauty of the LG New Chocolate BL40.

I've never personally meddles with it, but if I keep getting lousy dates all the time... Expect to see me playing with my phone rather than talking to you while we're dating. I'll be sure to wield to every dates if I can get the LG Chocolate BL40 from the Nuffnangs. =P

Regardless, expect to find yourself satisfied for a "long" term relation with the LG Chocolate BL40, whether or not I'm getting one, surely it's gonna be interested to try it out.

Yep, enjoy the new LG Chocolate BL40, slimmer than ever.

LG, "Life's Good"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Feb 09 - New Entrepreneur Creation Hat Yai

I passed the interview for the NEC in Hat Yai.
Initially, the plan was for a registration in the Prince of Songkla University, but it's full..

So I had to take it to another university in Hat Yai.

It's my second visit to the University, and the environment differ than the one I'm familiar with.
Of course, it's pretty empty but still... I like the quiet environment.

Although not as impressive as the one in the Prince of Songkhla University, I really like the external design and the 'new' furniture.

There are 82 entrepreneurs who attended the course this year.

In the afternoon, there was extra activity for us all to get to know each other.
Surprised, I got to know lots of people from different sectors. Most came from either Technology or Tourism sectors, though, only 2 people came from the Healthcare and none from the Fund sector.

So much for the first day eh, I'm looking forward to the future classes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Feb 03 - Rare Bat Sighting in a City

Recently applied for a New Entrepreneur Course interview, it sounds interesting..

Gotta clear all other matter to make space for this one.

Anyways, it's the first time I saw a "bat" in the city.
Wasnt sure what happened, but the sighting happens after a heavy rain and it doesnt look like it have much strength to climb back up either.

It's fine when I left it be, but it doesnt look like it'll last there much longer.

Maybe I can take the sighting to another level in the future... An adventure to a nearby cave maybe?