Wednesday, September 30, 2009

09 Sep 30 - Sedal - Makes your hair smooth

I claim no credit for this, someone send this to me and I was laughing when I saw this.

Haha, I too have always been putting priority on my hair, whether it's shampoo, conditioner or even the serum, I always prioritize for something that sure to cause no side effects (or very little) and I tend to rely on herbal products without chemicals.

Some works, but I'm still not too satisfied, gotta hate staying at salon for an hour or two you know.

Oh so I never uses this product before, but I really like the ads haha!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

09 Sep 26 - His Highness Falls ill


I watched this movie with a few friends last night. It was really an awesome movie, deep in plot and meaning, especially some quotes which left us wondering all night long.. Quote from Proof (2005)

Catherine: [Reading Robert's Notebook] "Let X equal the quantity of all quantities of X. Let X equal the cold. It is cold in December. The months of cold equal November through February. There are four months of cold, and four of heat, leaving four months of indeterminate temperature. In February it snows. In March the Lake is a lake of ice. In September the students come back and the bookstores are full. Let X equal the month of full bookstores. The number of books approaches infinity as the number of months of cold approaches four. I will never be as cold now as I will in the future. The future of cold is infinite. The future of heat is the future of cold. The bookstores are infinite and so are never full except in September...”

I was like "huh?" when she was reading it aloud.
I'd love to see what 'proof' she wrote in the book though, sigh~

For more quotes on the movie, please visit: Proof (2005) Memorable Quotes


The King's ill, and His Highness was admitted to hospital a few days ago.

"Thailand's revered monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, has been admitted to hospital for the second time in a week." Further news can be rad from ABC News Thailand's king admitted to hospital

A day after the news was spread, there was numerous of areas for the Thai citizens to express their wishes to His Highness.

A typical one can be found in where I work.

I came first to write in the book but the actual opening time was around 1pm. I wasnt aware of it, and was wondering why the area was so empty.

I wish His Highness for an improved health.


Friday, September 18, 2009

09 Sep 18 - Cambodia Thailand Border Conflict

The world is aware of the Conflict between the Thai-Cambodian border.

Ever since 3 years ago, the Cambodian had been trying to 'seize' our Khao Phra Wihan National Park which is located at the Thai-Cambodian border.

The Park itself, is owned by the Cambodian, but the entrance leading up to the Temple is in Thailand. The recent years had it that these Cambodian had been 'invading' the entrance leading up to the National Park to vend around the area.

Now after they had been vending at the entrance for years, they had been claim the entrance to the National park is under their territory.

Cambodia's leader, Hussein had been spreading fake propaganda in order to stir an uproar.

The Cambodian themselves had been 'illegally' planting Land Mines around the area, killing and injuring a few groups of the Thai Soldiers. The Thai government had reported the case to the Global Militant Court of how the Cambodia had neglected the Asian agreement to stop using Land Mines (ever since the Vietnam War) but I heard no further news of the subject.

Up till now, Hussein had position 5000 more men around the National Park, and they seems ready for war.

The Thais themselves, although facing political disorder, had the men ready to retaliate in case the Cambodian decided to invade Thailand again.

There had been a few 'truce' negotiations after the Cambodia had opened fire to the Thais, killing a few soldiers in the process. The Thais themselves retaliated, injuring and taking down a few of Cambodian's soldiers.

I dont think Hussein is sincere to call a truce and manage the National Park together.

According to the orthodox International Map, the Entrance to the Khao Phra Wihan National Park is in Thailand, but the Temple itself is in Cambodia's territory. All I hope for is for Hussein to stop 'invading' Thailand's territory and spreading fake propaganda.

Monday, September 14, 2009

09 Sep 14 - Big Trouble in tourist Thailand Review

Most of you should have heard of this.
So if you're interested to watch "Big Trouble tourist in Thailand" just click on the video below.

Our Producer-director Gavin Hill, seems to be stressing to the point that "Big Trouble in Thailand" is a Documentation, and everything in it are truth.

If you've seen the trailer and is wondering how the real Broadcast is, here goes the first episode of the series.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I am an expat who had been in Thailand for years, I do know that these scams and threatening exists..
My fellow Taiwanese and Japanese friends had personally explained the problem to me.
They now refused to use these service in Phuket, which are full of scam.
Though, there also a few others who are smart enough to slip out of such situations, and are now living happily in Thailand. I'm one of those.

It just came to my senses of a few things, about the trouble the Royal Marines were having.

- Where's the Pride of the Marine?
It just looks dumb where our Royal Marines, Jack, including the Captain, Tim, stood their calmly being insulted by JJ, who was far smaller in size.
I have a few Marine friends, from both the US and the UK, and none of them would ever stood there being insulted "kiss my ass" so calmly!!

- If you're threatening a bunch of people to rip their fund, would you let a camera film you that long?
The camera's angle was far too good to be taken in reality. The event might have happened, and our Director, Gavin Hill, retake the entire event with a new scene, asking a few 'actors' to act in the film. Someone who's holding a gun would be more interested to shut down the camera than anything else.

- No actions from the Marines. At least call the Tourist Police, or punch him on the face?
Again, it seems funny. If you're trying to negotiate with a local, why didnt it ever flashes across your mind that it's better to be calling the tourist police? At least they're more familiar of the surrounding than you are. It seems rather funny how the Marines stood there doing nothing.

- The Director, Gavin Hill is acquainted with JJ, the Speedboat vendor.
Yeah, our Director admitted that he and JJ are acquainted. JJ even called Hill to record all which he was doing to the marines. JJ's someone who threatens others for money, for someone who do things in the dark, I dont understand why he wanna be famous by showing off his treachery skill. I wonder how much Hill payed JJ to film this though.

I'm not saying that these things never happened in Thailand, but I'm concerned at the fact that Hill, were saying that these were taken 'live.' And all of these are reality show.

I've seen various of reality shows, but Hill's case were far too unique, where the angles, and camera positions were far too good.

Big Trouble Tourist in Thailand is a film as it's over exaggerated and does NOT deserve to be a documentation. If you can film a Police Officer going on 'live' to say that "I corrupt", you might as well record Politicians doing so as well.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

09 Sep 13 - A 3 Legged Cat

This is continuation of my post on "09 Sep 09 - from Flesh to Bone"

So to say, we admitted the cat into an Animal Hospital regarding it's condition.

The Doctor insist we 'cut' it's left foot as it had rotted, and chances for recovery are slim.
The cut would go right up to it's cartilage.

Ah, as much as I hate to say this, but the Vet insisted it for a better chance..

Another thing that we're surprised of is... The cat itself is pregnant.

We left it to the Doctor and left it under his care for a few days, and we were informed that the cat had given birth to 3 kitties.. Which, in turn, died due to the inadequate care and early birth. (It was said to have been born around 4am, where the Nurse werent on duty.)

So now what?
The cat lost it's leg, it's kitties, and we'll still need to wound dress it everyday.

Luckily, sometimes ago, someone who's familiar with cats decided to help us out and took it into her care...

It's nice.. but, we never heard of it since then.

Hope the best for it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

09 Sep 08 - Scout Chopper Set an Emergency Landing in Hat Yai

This happened a few days ago.

A Scout Helicopter Unit which was specifically assigned to scan any 'bombing' in Hat Yai, received a terrible remark from their superior for not being able to land properly after an early warning that the Helicopter's suffering from a major mechanical deficiency.

The same Helicopter had been on patrol for months, after receiving warning that Hat Yai are under 'attack' by the terrorists group.

I saw the same Helicopter on my way for work, and I usually spot the same copter during my stay at 'The Haven', it was at noon everyday.

According to source, the Helicopter is a newly bought by the militant, and the cost is of course.. very expensive. The repair cost itself is estimated to be around 350,000 baht.

So, good thing to hear, the pilots and 2 other officers were uninjured, but will probably suffer from the militant's law.

If you're in Hat Yai, you probably can still see the Helicopter pass Big C.


Friday, September 4, 2009

09 Sept 05 - ชายชู้ ชายก้นบาง และ รักใต้สะดือ


FDA says frog or toad was in man’s Diet Pepsi
MSN news -> Click Me

Be careful when you opened your Pepsi Can now, this goes on for the Coca Cola as well.


A story happened:

Something happened a few days ago, which kept me wondering of how the 'love' education are going in Thailand.
It was written by students in Elementary School.

When I confiscated whatever they're sending to each other, this was written.

นักเรียนชายคนหนึงเขียนว่า: (A male student wrote this to a female student)
"รักแรกคือสบตา [First love are the eyes]
รักที่สองคือหน้าอก [Second love are the breast]
รักต่อไปคือสะโพก [Next love is the hip]
รักหลุดโลกคือใต้สะดือ" [The ultimate love is under the navel(sexual affair)]

Next, another paper from a female student was as follows:

"ชายแรกคือความรู้ [The first man is knowledge]
ชายชู้คือวิชา [Adulterer means skill]
ชายต่อมาคือประสบการ [The next man is experience]
ชายก้นบางคือชายที่เหนือชาย" [Men with thin buttocks are the superior men]

Even the person who rad it blushes
I did my best to translate this, it might not be the best translation but I hope my readers understands this.